About Me

Hey, there! My name is Barbara and I am a freelance journalist and a mother to the wonderful Alexander. I am originally from Bulgaria, but I came to study and chase dreams in the UK 4 years ago.

Since then, I have graduated from University as a Journalist and...
...started building a life with my partner and our little boy. 

                                                                                                                                                                Becoming a mum was the biggest surprise... and also the biggest gift! 

Today, with the support of my partner, I am doing two of my favourite things - watching our bunny grow... 
...and writing about my passions. 

You will find me enjoying little things like 
being with my family, nice weather...

romantic restaurants,
good food,
nice wine...

and everything to do with
fashion, magazines, celebrities...

I have always loved being creative, and recently I have found a new passion for taking pictures and spending countless hours editing them. 

I used to spend hours consumed within a nice book, tucked away from the world, but now I use every free minute to develop Mums First Diary. (You know yourself how scarce the time is, right?)

We moved from the busy, hectic city of Manchester... 

...to live in a quiet, remote town in Cambridgeshire.

 I realised that at heart I am always going to be a city girl, but I appreciate that Alex can spend his first years in a nice, quiet family area, surrounded by greenery and many children. 

And if you have found something from your life in our story... don`t hesitate to share with us  and continue reading forward! What is your story, there? I would love to hear!