Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The true face of motherhood

Motherhood is life changing, it is transforming on both physical and emotional level. For me the journey starts from the moment you have conceived because since then nothing is ever the same. Cravings, sickness, nausea, aches, tiredness, body changes, mood swings 9 months throughout which it's not just you, but another little human being. You share a body, which creates a magnificent bond. You nurture and feel the growing life inside and count the days until you welcome him or her into your life. Every action, every thought is about your baby. 

My second pregnancy was a turning point for me. I had time to slow down and rethink my life, my past and future. It helped me collect myself, focus and devote 100% to my true purpose- bringing the little one to life. Thеsе 9 months were hard because there wasn't another significant half to share the experience with. No one to endure my funny moods or cravings, no one to hold.my hand during appointments. No one to be there when I thought I have lost the baby. To help with shopping bags and house chorus. The journey was magical, and lonely at the same time. But I never doubted my decision, even for a second, because I knew I am blessed, and the love for my child has already started growing in my heart.

9 months later I welcomed the second miracle in my life, my little Sebastian. Again he is all I have dreamed for. I embraced him and felt the ultimate peace, happiness and gratitude for him being in my life. He lays on my chest, breathes gently and I know that all I have to do is give 100 percent of my strength, love and warmth to him.

We are already at home and our new routine has started slowly taking place. I was scared how this is going to work out and and how I am going to make it but as life keeps teaching me there is nothing impossible. Motherhood is time and energy consuming. Nights turns into days and days into nights. You forget to eat, to drink, don't look much at the clothes you wear as long as they are comfortable. The couch and bed become your best friends. Your brain slows down and you start forgetting things. But it's nothing that any mum wouldn't go through for the sake of her baby.

Alex took this picture of me one night while I was feeding Sebastian. He said “Mum I want to take picture of you.” I asked him why. “Because you are beautiful.” No need to say that my heart melted. That's why I want to say to every new mum out there. You are beautiful, not the nice clothes and good haircut but the motherhood makes you the prettiest woman. I know that during the first months we are a complete mess but there is no need to rush things. Let's embrace what motherhood gives us and not.focus on what it takes away. A messy bun, a funny pyjama, no matter if we breasteed or bottle feed, no matter how we choose to do things, no matter who is around to help, let's feel good in our skin because we are doing an amazing job. And we are strong enough to do it through no matter what.

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