Thursday, 14 December 2017

What I loved and what not about pregnancy

A week from now, I might be going through a c-section or giving a natural delivery (all up to the baby). I might be terrified, or everything might be over and done with and me finally holding my little one in my arms. It's all so scary and exciting as if  I haven't experienced it before. 9 months is a long time, a really long time, because now in the final days, as scared I am from the unknow and the everything that will follows, I am also impatient to be able to have my body back to normal as much as it will be possible.  I absolutely love being pregnant, and as I have already mentioned I am thankful for my two pregnncies so far, but mums should now how tiring it is especially in the final days. Aches all over the body, breathing issues, sleeping issues, bladder issues and all kind of issues :)   

In this final days I am reminiscing about the past months and what I loved and what not from the time being pregnant. Naturally, I made a small list of what I will miss and what not and I will start with my most favourite thing from this pregnancy which is:

1. The incredible bond - I am telling you it's absolutely magical and incredible and unbelievable how strong is the bond between the mother and the growing baby. I don't know what people knew in the past, obviously they must have sensed how things are, because for example old women used to tell mums to be careful what they say out loud because the baby might hear. Nowadays, we deffinitely know that babies can hear us and so much more than that. I will go even further and say that not only hearing, but babies and mums might even communiciate spiritually or mind wise. I don't remember if I had the same with Alex but this time around I am mesmerized with a little special thing we do with the little one. For example every time I think that I haven't felt the baby moving recently, not long after that, he starts moving around and giving me signs as if he has "read" my thoughts. I don't have an explanation but I think it's magical :) 

2. Hiccups  - On the contrary, my least favourite thing has been the hiccuping. I know it's not fair on the baby because actually hiccuping is an essential part of the development. It's a good sign because it shows that the baby's lungs are developing and he is preparing for life outside. My little one though loves doing that at night. When "we" go to bed I start feeling this ritmic pulsation which can't be mistaken and it's a bit ... distracting :) Mums know what I mean :) So for good night and then sometimes in the middle of the night my little man decides to hiccup. It also seems to happen after I have eaten very fast (bad mummy)  which I admit is my fault! Sorry baby!

3. Bump - I will deffinitely miss my bump, but I am also ready to wave goodbye and hopefully get in shape fast, because I also miss being able to see my feet! :)  I now start to wobble really bad, my back hurts, I can't stand on my feet for long without feeling very uncomfortable and it's just very very tiring. I loved dressing and wrapping the bum though and I will miss this special shape but 9 months is enough (ok 5 because the first 4 doesn't show at all!)

4. Sleeping - I admit it could have been worse. I don't make that many journeys to the loo, but the last two months have really showed me what insomnia means. I usually wake up at the same time of the night and I can't fall back to sleep... My favourite position is sleeping on my belly and now I am restricted to just sleeping on my left and right, so basically every night I just roll from one side to the other. At least I guess it's a good preparation for the sleepless nights that will follow.

5. Eating without guilt - I can't say I have been stuffing myself or eating really bad food, on the contrary at some point I felt like I wasn't eating enough, but it was beacuse I was constantnly on the go.  But I admit it's nice not to count your bites, look yourself in the mirror and think whether you have put some extra weight or not. It's also really nice when you think how with every bite you feed not only yourself but another little human being, which usually always responds with a kick to every bite or sip I take!  

6. Life in vs life out - I will miss the baby kicking away and all the special milestones we have shared during all these months, but it could be really nerve wrecking not to be able to check on the baby with your own eyes. I had some complications in the beginning of the pregnancy and nearly thought the worst, and for the rest of the pregnancy essentially for every disposition I have had it's been a bit stresfull. Not that I usually don't worry a lot but with doctors who have stressed me in addition, I am looking forward to fnally see my baby. Not that the worries won't continue, or even increase, but it's the next stage and I am excited! :)

What about you? 
Do you remember what you loved and what not from your pregnancy?   

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