Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My secret of keeping fit during pregnancy

First of all, I should say I feel really blessed for how my body has reacted to my two pregnancies so far. First time around I was horrified because I didn’t know what to expect. My bump wasn’t showing for ages even though I was in a rush to finally proudly walk it around :) . Well, it all balanced in the last trimester when Alex got huge and in the last weeks I really struggled to walk and even breathe. I don’t notice much difference in my body shape this time around, except for the fact I sleep much better and walk much easier. How is that possible? 2 things: loads of walking and ...

I really admire all of the mums who keep working throughout their pregnancies. I absolutely love the gym, but I couldn't really be so dedicated and incorporate it into my pregnancy routine. As an expectant mum it requires much care and preparation to continue the gym routine which I really didn't have time for. (It will be my post pregnancy resolution for getting back in shape, though!) And because I didn't have much time to do something special, I resorted to something very simple and cheap-walking. I can’t describe how much I have been walking during this pregnancy but it’s been A LOT. Dropping Alex off at nursery then going to work and vice versa at the end of the day.I am sure this has made a difference because now 34 weeks in, I still feel very good and always on the go. I hope this will continue till the end. Also, I am sure being so active helped me with sleeping better. With Alex I had this huge pregnancy pillow, I was waking up a lot, only to indulge in some sweets and milk so I could go back to sleep. Nothing like this anymore. I even don’t need to go to the loo that often, which I hope is not bad.

Another amazing activity I found out about was pregnancy yoga. Absolutely beautiful. Sadly, I haven't attended classes as often as I wanted to but every spare Wednesday I would join the other mums in the cozy environment of the yoga studio. I will dedicate a special post about the pregnancy yoga because apparently it is one of the best (if not the best) activities to keep you in good shape throughout the pregnancy. Not only that but the yoga seems to have an amazing impact on the birth as well. Who doesn’t want to master all of the breathing techniques and prepare mentally for the big day? Regular yoga exercises does that for you and also meets you with other expectant mums and potential friends. I can't describe how much I have enjoyed learning new things from the other women and how much we have laughed to the stories we share there. Great way of keeping it social and bonding. But more about that in my next post when I will tell you how I decided to give a go to the yoga and more about the amazing teacher who inspired me even more to keep going : )

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