Thursday, 23 November 2017

My Christmas Wishlist for Black Friday

Right, Black Friday is here, I doubt there is anyone who doesn't know it already because adverts and flashing lights are bombarding us from every possible place. I haven't planned any shopping, but with the huge euphoria for big discounts all around, I can't help but feel as if I have to buy somtehing. Then I start thinking, ok what do I need, while browsing the websites. Then I realise, oh isn't this what BLack Friday is all about, making you feel that you MUST buy something at all costs? Then my desire for shopping vanishes. I think about long ques, loads of people and crashing websites not able to complete the order and just bringing you a dissapointment of showing that your item has been SOLD OUT. No, thank you. 

However, I found a website which doesn't irritate me as much as the other websites and had fun browsing it, called RoseGal. What I loved about it was the FREE Worldwide shipping and the huge choice of cheap Christmas bits and bobs. So, I decided to make a little wishlist. Here's what took my fancy.

1. Christmas pyjamas      - I am currently hunting for Christmas pyjamas. I love the whole lot- pyjamas, jumpers, costumes, accessories... Get me everything because I am a proper geek when it comes to celebrations. Especially one like Chrsitmas! Get the whole family together, these are some cute pyjamas!

2.  A Christmas Tee   - The obsession continues not with jumper, but with a tee. I can imagine wearing this around the kitchen on Christmas day after I have worn the pyjama for most of the morning. I guess I will have to find time to wear the jumper as well. Problems! :)

3. Christmas Bathroom Set - This is absolutely unbelievable. I have never seen anything like this before. But I like it! And I won't mind having one in the bathroom. How cool is this set? There are plenty of other options as well with Santa, Raindeer and etc. Would you go for one?

4. Christmas tabale mats - Let's continue with the decorations. I prefer mats rather than a tablecloth cover for the table, but why not both? These are beautiful, absolute must for the festive table!

5. Knife and fork storage bags -  If you go for the table mats you also need these knife and fork storage bags! So original and cute. I need them! 

6. Christmas chair covers You have your table beautifully decorated, you can't leave the chairs out! Look, what I 've also found . Adorable Christmas chair covers. There are plenty of options for those, too! Browse!

This is one of those website you can browse for hours and you still won't be able to go through everything. There are plenty of things for home, as well as clothes, cosmetics and accesories. Be careful if you order clothes and make sure you have checked the size guides. 
Happy shopping!  

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