Monday, 26 December 2016

To find your calling

"In order to find your calling ask yourself a simple question:What have you always been passionate about?"

I already went down the path of insisting that I have found my calling but ended realising I have lied to myself the whole time. I went abroad to study journalism and firmly believed that this is what I should do till the end of my life, even though I could never answer the question why, without feeling a slight confusion. Because, I loved humanitarian studies at school I would say and because I was part of this amazing project back at high school when I got the microphone and interviewed people for the first time. And then I got my first experience in filming, and editing. A funny story is how my high school sweetheart used to tell me that I look like a journalist in my white trench coat, his journalist he would say.

Back at school I thought this must be, this must be my calling. And then at university everything went downhill. As I have mentioned before I never went over the language barrier during my studies and not being able to express myself affected me badly. It was a daily challenge and fight with myself, because not being able to get over myself was stopping me to explore all of the opportunities which my univerity offered. I only did what came naturally to me, my love for writing and being creative. Which was never enough.

Some time ago I attended a conference. This time not to cover the event in the role of a reporter, but in the role of someone who has found their calling and who passionately wants to learn and get better. I tried to memorise every word and every sentence inspired me more than the previous. We were talking about something  I realised might be my real passion. My real calling. Something which has been there all along but I never thought about as a career path. My favourite thing when I was a student and the source of my fondest memories. My education. I have always absolutely loved studying and being at school. I was at a conference about education and listened to all those incredible stories of people who have decided to devote big part of their life to it.

It was very inspiring to listen to people who believe in the great importance of education. And not only  education as an instituion, but as a choice, a way of life and a real, true and meaningful calling. I couldn't help myself and asked the guest speakers: "What made you realise this is what you want to do till the end of your life?" And I was absolutely blown away with the answers. There were real life stories behind every succesfull professional there. Inspiring reasons, heart wrenching and also warming stories. True purpose I would say.

I am just really happy with what I am doing right now! 

Today, I want to say thank you to all of the people who said no to me. To thank the numerous interviewees I met along the way, who said no to me. To thank the people who never responded to my many applications for jobs in journalism, the nerve wracking hours, the countless number of cv's I sent and were left without an answer. Thank you for helping me getting closer to my real calling.

Also, I want to say big thank you to the people who gave me chance. Who decided to put their trust in me and instead of doubting me, gave me an opportunity and a chance. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

And you? Have you found your calling?

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