Monday, 31 October 2016

If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it?

“The problem with time, I've learned, is that, eventually time always runs out.”

Always rushing backwards and forwards trying to fit everything into just 24 hours. House chorus, work, family, friends, time to exercise, time to learn, to improve, to relax, to live, love, and laugh. But time is never enough. Some people say it’s a matter of good time management. And some people like real superheroes seem to really have time for everything. Other people take things slow, daydream a lot, always run late for somewhere and never have time to finish the numerous things they want to do. What if we had an extra hour a day? It doesn’t seem a lot but what if we can do something extra. What would that be?

Once a year, when we return the clock with one hour, we can embrace this opportunity. This year I spent this extra long day in Bulgaria in  preparations for our first Halloween here. At this time last year all of us were in the UK, carving the only pumpkin we could get our hands on (I hope you buy yours at least a week in advance) and preparing for Alex’s second treat or treating and first one as a toddler. Our little man was dressed as a pumpkin and ready to go around the neighbourhood. The usually quiet drive was full of lanterns, decorations, creepy noises and screaming children and no candies were spared.

In my home country Halloween is not officially a thing, but it is becoming more popular. Whether it's ours celebration to do or not, for me this day is a lovely opportunity for the family to get involved in fun activities and put a smile on Alex's face dressing him in a colourful costume.

Even though Alex is not treat or treating, we still could get a pumpkin, sweet treats, and surprised the little man with a costume of his current obsession - Spiderman. This extra hour also meant for us early start of the day and gave us the opportunity to have nice and early breakfast out, something we haven't done before. We even had time to bake cupcakes and cookies. And also go to the shop twice ,after I forgot our first pumpkin on the subway :) Guilty of being absent-minded! :)

This extra long day really made me thinking, what life would be like if we had more time in our day, more time to think, to love and plan, to act. The day seemed unusually long and every time I was looking at the clock I couldn't believe how early it is and that there is still time to do more and more. At the end I was ready to fall asleep at 8.30, though, which I think made things equal and compensated for the used energy during the day. No matter, how many hours per day we have, I realised what I need is not an extra hour or two, but to feel my 24 hours have been well spend.

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