Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mix Up the Fun with Petits Filous Magic Squares and a Magical Playdate

A BIG thank you to Petits Filous who inspired us to do something different and fun with our ply time. We were one of the lucky first 100 to sign up for their #MagicSquaresPlaydates challenge and we received Tesco vouchers to buy some of their brand new yogurt range. Although, even if we haven't received any, we were definitely going to try their new varieties. First, because we have eaten their yogurts ever since we tried them for the first time and second, because the sound of Strawberry mixed with Vanilla makes it just impossible to resist. Especially when these are two of our favourite flavours! 

Since, we have started Alex on cow's milk, the intake of vitamin D and calcium has been a constant concern for me. I could never say whether he is getting enough from his food or not and that's when Petits Filous came to our rescue. It is a known fact that dairy products contain calcium, but not all contain the so important vitamin D, which is necessary to help the body to absorb calcium from food. These delicious yogurts though,  provide both calcium and vitamin D which help build strong bones (exactly what we need!).  

Another great thing is that Alex gets to enjoy himself while he is receiving all of this goodness! No drops or tablets, just a delicious, healthy yogurt. And because he is already happily eating the range, I knew he would also love the New Magic Squares with Strawberry and Vanilla and Raspberry and Vanilla Flavours. Just this time what I wanted to do, was to create a new eating experience for him, something imaginative. 

The truth is that meal times are not always fun. With loads of food ending on the floor, instead in his little tummy and many grumpy faces pulled at the image of his vegetables on the plate. I wanted to mix up the things a little bit and make his snack time more enjoyable. Yes, who doesn't like snack time? We love it!

So,  I was really up for a challenge in the face of creating a fun experience. After some serious brainstorming the word magic triggered something in me. We have just recently started to play with soft toys and Alex has started developing some "connections" with his fluffy animals. He now knows how to hug and kiss them, which really melts my heart. This also gave me the idea to organize a little tea party for him and his new "buddies". So be it!

While he was taking his morning nap, I arranged everything and after lunch time I introduced him to his first MAGICAL tea party. Of course, everything ended scattered on the floor very soon, but what he enjoyed most, was trying the new Petits Filous Magic Squares with Strawberry and Vanilla Flavour. He was happily eating every bite and hungrily opening his mouth. I can't say he knew that he can choose between eating the flavours separately or mix them up together (at least not yet), but he was surely enjoying it, all at once! So much, that in the end Alex decided to take his little lion to his high chair and share some of the yoghurt. Just adorable! 

I can conclude that Petits Filous more than successfully created a product that children would love for its great taste. At the same time, mums will be satisfied that we are giving our little ones two very important components to support their development: Calcium and Vitamin D. Two of the Magic Squares are directly going into our bag, so we can enjoy some more of them on another Magical playdate, this time on the playground with our friends! 

*This post is an entry for Brit Mums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.*

*We were among the first 100 to sign up for #MagicSquaresPlaydates Challenge and we were sent Tesco vouchers free of charge. However, all of the expressed opinions are my very own.


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