Thursday, 28 May 2015

Floral Print On My Mind: Hot Fashion Trend

For some time now, flowers have been all around. When not blossoming on the trees and signifying the fast approaching spring/summer season, they have been luring me from behind the shop window glasses. Shoes, bags, dresses and jackets, everything has been magically touched by the colorful brush of the floral motif and turned into a must have items. 

Since, the moment I laid my eyes on a pair of floral print high heels in March, a feeling of excitement took over me. I felt that the sunny days are just around the corner and soon the summer clothes will be out of the closet and ready to be worn. Little, did I know then that the same print is a total hit on the runways and  not a single shop and brand will go without somehow incorporating them into their Spring/Summer collections. 

A few months later and just about to dive into the summer, flowers are still obsessing me and I can't go a day without falling in love with something new. And let's agree, bright-botanical patterns can plant the seeds of happiness even in the darkest closets.     

Well, the items I added to my wardrobe definitely brought some mood to my rails and did wonders for me! I am usually difficult to break my routine of the classic colours of black and white, but hey, recently I have been feeling much more in a mood to experiment and try different things. So much that I ended up making a wish list of so many items and all of them in bright colours!

Like most women, my knees go weak and I am completely helpless when it comes to resisting the shopping temptation. And until I get hold of the ultimate limitless shopping card, I have to fight the urge to get EVERYTHING. Still, I would like to share with you what grabbed my attention and brought a big smile to my face.

 Here are my TOP FLORAL PIECES and absolutely MUST HAVES. 

1. Floral Pattern Dress - United Colors of Benetton

My must have dress for any special occasion. 
Brings out my soft and ultra romantic side :)
Where would you like to wear it?

2. Floral Print High Heels - United Colors of Benetton

This type of shoes is literally everywhere this season. I think they will suit any type of outfit and will bring a pretty and elegant touch. Winner!

3. Floral Crop Top and Floral Pencil Skirt - New Look

So sexy! I am still working hard on those abs, but once they are ready, this outfit is first to wear on the list! *In love with the red flowers*

 4. T-shirt with Floral Print - United Colors of Benetton

So nice and comfy!! I can see this going great with loose jeans and pretty sneakers in pink. Wow! Can't wait to go on a stroll in the park. 

5. The ultimate item on my WISH LIST - Nike Air Max 1 City Collection - Paris

Do I need to say anything? 

*Dream look*
 6. Black Tropical Print Pepulm Top - New Look

This top is very flattering to the body and sexy decision for a date night. Top+Jeans+Heels=Fabulous! 
  7. Floral High Tops - Converse

One word - LIMITED (Edition)

8. Floral Sneakers - Converse

9. Flower Pattern Ballet Pumps - United Colors of Benetton

My favourite choice for the spring/summer season.
Pretty in pumps.

10. Floral Padded Jacket - Moncler

Another super popular item - Floral Padded Jackets. I see them everywhere!
This one is quite special!

11. Floral Biker Jacket - Brand

Official meeting? Day in the offcie? Special ocassion? 
That's the one!

I hope my list has colour to your day, as well. What floral items do you have in your wardrobe? Are you going to add any? Which one of these do you like most?
Please, share.


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