Monday, 27 April 2015

My Nametags-Review

A lovely company, based in London, contacted me last month to offer us some personalised colourful name labels for children's clothes and items. It was a very welcome suggestion, since we are planning to start nursery in September and naming our items will be very useful. 

The company offers a variety of designs that could please different tastes and can be personalised to any name and contact details. You can choose between colour stickers, suitable for both clothing and equipment, classic labels with 10 year washing guarantee and colour iron-on labels. 

It was great fun creating our very own label. The website is clever and simple to use and I found my way very easy. There are only 3 steps to follow: 
  1. Type in the nametags text
  2. Choose design, background and font
  3. Choose type of nametags set
It took me less than 15 minutes to create my design and the only thing which I struggled with, was the huge selection of colours, fonts, backgrounds and pictures I had to choose from. It is always nice to have enough options available, and trust me, My nametags has plenty to offer. 

Once I was finally ready with my masterpiece, I had to choose between stickers or iron-on labels. To be honest, I didn't put much thought here and just went with what was already ticked (probably because it was my very first time dealing with labels). Luckily, I didn't regret for my choice afterwards. 

My Nametags revolutionary new colour stickers can be used everywhere, on clothes and equipment. Combined with a unique choice of 100s of designs, backgrounds and colours, your child will have a fully personalised product that is easy to identify.

Not only designing and ordering the labels was very easy and straightforward, but the delivery proved a success, too. Only a few days later, we received our stickers through the post in perfect condition and exactly as I have imagined them. The only thing left, was to test their use and quality.

The stickers are revolutionary and can be used everywhere, on clothes and equipment. Still, as we don't need to personalise that many items just yet, we used the labels only on a few things. Things like jacket, bowl and cup which I believe might be useful to name, once we start the nursery. Putting the stickers on the items was easy and clean job, the only conditions were to press hard on both ends and not wet/wash for 24 hours. When it comes to using the labels on clothing though, the stickers should be applied on care labels or washing labels. 

The company is using a high quality material and a special adhesive that makes the labels stay on very well, and still maintains flexibility to bend around bottles or around edges of lunchboxes. 
They also promise resistance to rubbing and chemicals and the print should stay on in the dishwasher and in the washing machine. As well as, in the microwave and steriliser.

After patiently waiting for the 24 hours to pass, I carried on washing his cup and bowl as usual. So far, the stickers stay on perfectly fine. We even washed the jacket in the washing machine on full cycle and as you can see yourself, the sticker is still attached and in excellent condition. However, if you need to label clothing without care labels or washing labels, you might need a set of iron-on labels. The iron-ons can be applied directly to the fabric.

The price is very reasonable and 56 colour stickers, including the delivery, comes to 12.95. Amount I would be more than happy to pay, once we are off to nursery, school and public places where children's items can be easily mixed and misplaced. 

    If you are ready to create YOUR own design, head to www.mynametags.comFree yourself some time and let your imagination run. It is FUN!

    My Nametags, a company based in London which produces personalised colourful name labels for children's clothes and items. 

    * We were sent labels free of charge in order to conduct this review. All of the expressed opinions, however, are my very own.


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