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Have fun and stay safe with Tappy-The Bath Toy and Tap Guard Review

I have never been a huge fan of bath toys. They are not easy to store and maintain (clean and dry them after every use) and are not always safe. Rubber toys and mechanical bath toys can be very unhygienic. Staying in the water for too long without a proper maintenance can make them become mouldy and turn the water stagnant. And the few times we used a plastic cup for some games and splashing, Alex purposely started drinking from the cup, making himself to cough and choke. So, when we stumbled on Tappy some time ago, it was a breath of fresh air.

I was very curious to know more about the product when I heard it provides both entertainment and safety. And when I saw the big eyes and wide smile of the character, I just couldn't resist. We were definitely going to give it a go. Soon, after we received it by post and unpacked, Tappy was all ready to be installed on our tap in the bath. You can find a fitting guide online, or follow the pictures on the package, but it all came clear very fast and for less than 2 minutes, the bath toy was successfully attached to our tap. 

I was delighted, not only because it fit nice and easy, it also added some colour and character to our bath routine. We have always loved bath time, but with Alex fast approaching toddlerhood, bath time started to change and show some challenges. The little monkey sometimes tries to stand up, turn on the taps and do all of the things that could potentially harm him. Tappy, on the other hand, was offering me some reassurance that Alex will have protection from bumping himself on the hard metal and also from getting scalded, if he accidentally turns on the hot water tap. 

You will probably wonder how? The answer is simple, the bath toy has very clever design-soft cushioning and insulating properties. And as the water pours out of Tappy's arms, this prevents the water from hitting the child in the face or on their chest, if the tap is turned on. 

It wasn't difficult to believe that the toy is very promising. I examined it closely and put it to the test to stay attached to the bath tap all the time. Since, then it has convinced me that the quality is on a very high level, that it is a great addition to the bathroom and a necessity when it comes to baby proofing your home. 

''Who is that?''

''Let me explore and find out!''

The quality material of the toy dries very fast, preventing the toy to stay damp for too long and potentially develop harmful bacterias. It also allows to be hand washed or in a washing machine. It doesn't get dirty easy though! We have had it for more than a month and it still looks brand new! And when it comes to colour, design and level of fun... Tappy scores 10. The lovely green, the wide smile through which your child can pour water and play games and the numbers written on the arms which can be used to learn while having fun. 

I was pleasantly surprised to read the online guide and tips Tappy comes with. (You can find them at: http:///www.tappysafetytoy.com.). I found Tappy's Ten Bath Tips very informative and Tappy's Ten Bath Games great ideas. What a better way than to learn through play? And then how nice it is that the toy is both entertaining and educational? The age range is usually from 6 months till 6 years of age (the toy is officially approved to be safe for newborns). We have a long way to go, but as we learned ourselves, the toy is beneficial at different ages and we already have favourite games. Our top 3 are: Tappy says, sing the Rainbow song (using the numbers in various colours) and sing Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

''Daddy is showing me how to feed Tappy with water, so then I can try myself and practice my hand-eye coordination and motor skills when pouring and catching the water.''
As I already told you, Tappy is now not only part of our bath time routine, but also part of our bathroom interior. We haven't removed it so far, even though it is really easy to be fastened and then undone, but I like the colour and fun element it adds to the surroundings. In addition, the design allows the toy to remain attached when we are having showers or baths without affecting the water.

If you, like us, decide that you need this 2 in 1 bath toy and tap guard in your life, you shouldn't worry whether it's going to fit into your bathroom or not, because it is universal. For the recommended price of 11 pounds, Tappy offers to you and your family great quality, protection and entertainment. You can buy it from several retailers among which are: John LewisJojo Maman BebeNCT shops

* We were offered Tappy on a discount in order to conduct this review. All of the expressed opinions, however, are my very own.
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