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COMPETITION: 10 Ways to treat yourself on Mother's Day and chance to WIN ElevEase plus Beauty Hamper worth £50

Lovely ladies, Mother's Day is just around the corner and even though we deserve a treat more often than once a year, if the calendar says it is our day, then why not just go with it and do a little bit of extra spoiling and pampering for ourselves? 

The beautiful cards and presents have been all over the market for at least a month now, but my motto this year is instead of waiting to be surprised and treated to something special, I want to take the initiative and treat myself. So, if we are in the same boat and you like me, don't want to be collecting cards and mugs and aprons (we will still end up getting the cards), in this post I want to suggest you different ways to treat yourself.

I am sure it is nothing you haven't thought of before or done in any other random day of the year, but in honor of Mother's Days I will serve them to you under the small list of 10 Ways. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just make sure you will find a few minutes to relax and do something nice. It is all about the experience and the good vibes. Big budget and loads of free time are not required!

1. Pamper yourself with a beauty session- Everything starts with a beauty treat of some kind. Hair, nails, massage, whatever you do, I am sure it will bring extra boost on your mood and make you feel refreshed and glam on the day. Who doesn't like a pamper, luckily we can choose between loads of offers and vouchers online, especially on Mother's Day. Start the search now! 

2. Take a class - Cooking, crocheting, zumba, dancing. You can take a class of any kind, in many places now. Visit the nearest sports centre for zumba, spinning, aerobics, tae-bo, etc. or if you feel creative, book in for a crafts class. Great way to make friends and also build your own Mother's Day version of a present. :)

3. Lunch, Tea, Coffee time with a friend- If you can have an afternoon for yourselves great! How does it sound-a nice lunch or an afternoon tea for two? If you can't be children free, luckily there is a growing number of places accommodating soft play and coffee or food.   

4. Little/Big Shopping Spree- How I miss you shopping sprees! With 3 clothes shop in our town, malls are in the past (or 30 min away in Cambridge), so any opportunity for a day out visiting the shops is a very welcome one! Even if you live close to the town centre, if you feel like you can do with buying something, off you go! A big or small purchase, we know well the fulfillment of carrying your nice, new shopping bag with a little something inside :)

5. Time on your own- Favorite music, favourite book, drawing, writing, dreaming, withdraw from the world for a while. Get your partner to take the children out for a long walk and use the time as you please. If you are on your own, use the precious time which the morning or afternoon nap offers you and just for once instead of doing the washing and putting things away, have a sit with a hot drink and just relax, for as long as it lasts. On my lucky days the nap can last up to 2 hours! Hurray!

6. Romantic dinner at home- Get your other half to prepare meal for you or go for take away, or if it's just you the chef in the house, prepare something fancy, but easy. Platter for two with some cheeses and crackers, mascarpone dessert. Some candles, movie afterwards and hope that the baby will sleep through the night!

7. Overnight escape -Sleepover at your sister's, bff, or just a room in a hotel for yourself! It might sound crazy, but just imagine the possibility to spend a whole night on your own in piece and quiet, reading magazines, munching on your favourite snacks, movie or favourite music as a background... Have you started looking for offers nearby?

8. Girls night in/out- If you can try and organize with your girlfriends, go for it! A single girlfriend can host a night in, or if all of the dads step in and take over the household for a night, book a nice meal or go for a few cocktails (both?) I absolute love mums nights out, loads of fun and giggles, best evenings to let your hair down!

9. Spa evening at home- Get your partner to take over the evening shift and listen for the baby while you do a nice little relaxing spa evening for yourself. Prepare a face mask, dim the lights, fill a warm, bubble bath and play on some music. Add a favourite drink and it is a night made in heaven. Treat your body to nice oils (your partner can participate offering you a massage) and see where the night will take you... 

10. Participate in my Mother's Day Giveaway- I honestly struggled coming up with number 10, but signing for the riffle can be a very good way to treat yourself! I would like to gift you the opportunity to win a beauty product that has been part of my routine for quite a long time now, and which has easen my life a lot, called ElevEase. I have previously done a review on ElevEase which you can read here: ElevEase-Beauty care made easy. We have teamed up with the brand on a few occasions before and I am very happy to do it again, especially when it is to celebrate women! And to do it right, ElevEase will gift one of you with their shower step and also with a Beauty Hamper worth £50!! 

For your chance to win ElevEase shower step and a Beauty Hamper, please fill in the Rafflecopter below. It won't take long and there are only 2 compulsory steps in order to enter: You should leave a comment below answering the question: How will you treat yourself/your partner on Mother's Day and also sign in the Rafflecopter window with your E-mail. The rest of the steps are not compulsory, but they will give you extra entry points and increase your chances to win!

Terms & Conditions: The winner will be picked by Rafflecopter after the closing date on Mother's Day, 15th March, 2015, 12 a.m.. I will contact the winner by E-mail as soon as possible after the closing date and will allow 7 days for a reply. In case that the winner doesn't respond within the given period of time, another winner will be picked up by Rafflecopter.Open to over 18's. Please note that the image of the hamper is for example purposes and the products included will differ. Thank you.

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