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How to get your pre-pregnancy body in 3 months

Right, before immediately jumping to conclusions, I would like to tell you that I am not a diet maniac and a weight fanatic! Actually for the last 3 months, since I started my post-pregnancy workout, I have lost only 7 kg or 15lbs!!! Despite the not so drastic weight loss, I did a drastic size loss and from size 14 I am now wearing a healthy 10! And I not only achieved getting back to my pre-pregnancy body for only 3 months, I now fit into a size smaller! And it feels great!

I am a food lover and absolutely hate starving and I am very happy that I actually made it through these 3 months not giving up on food or suffering with some torturing diet. Actually, I feel like the last 90 days went fast and smooth, but changed my life dramatically and all for good. I started exercising, teaching myself to a healthy eating and nutritious diet and yes, I have a little secret... I found an amazing product, that completes my new healthy lifestyle! Do you want to know more?  

I won't say that there is a magical way of getting rid of the extra pounds and becoming as fit and lean as a Victoria Secret's Angel, or at least I havent' found it yet.. But I think I found something better! Not an easy way, but a very enjoyable one and a very fast to show results! Because just 3 months ago I was feeling sorry for myself and my post-pregnancy weight was so stubborn to go... Until the 90 challenge came my way - exercising, moderate diet and a bit of magic was the answer to my prayers and the reason for me to finally embrace my confidence and skinny jeans back! 

So here is what the last 3 months taught me and I give you my action plan for returning back to your pre-pregnancy body:

Action plan for a pre-pregnancy body

Step 1 Get yourself motivated  

I didn't realise how much I missed my pre-pregnancy body before I started fitting into all of my old clothes. So back at the time the only thing I needed was a bit of determination, inspiration and support. I knew it was time to do something because I was feeling constantly unhappy with myself and the way I look. I needed to find my lost love for myself and passion for life so I turned to exercising and it didn't fail me! You can find your inspiration anywhere! Maybe looking at old pictures or finding a dress that you think you will never fit in? Guess what, with the right support and enough determination you can look even better than before and make the dress look beautiful on you! How? Keep reading.

Step 2 Find effective exercises

After you have decided once and for all that you will get rid of the extra pounds, do a research and find good exercise which will fit into your lifestyle. You don't need to spend hours running and sweating or pay for a membership which you think you won't use, You can find good workouts to do at home! Books, videos on you tube or DVD. No matter if it's for 30 minutes every day or for an hour 2-3 times a week, as long as you are doing it right, you will soon feel the positive effect. I used to think that hours of walking in the park and pushing the pushchair up and down the hill is enough movement and exercising to help me get back into shape. Still, no matter how long I was walking for, my weight wasn't going anywhere. I decided to start the gym and that is when I realized how wonderful a good cardio session and some weight exercises work for me. Your thing might be something else, swimming, spinning, dancing, zumba... Anything will do, as long as you do it with passion.  

Step 3 Change your eating habits

Once you get into a routine of moving around and being active, you will immediately feel the boost of energy and the increased desire to do better in every aspect of life. You will want to eat better and you will want to look more after yourself. Your mood will also get a great boost. I spent a great deal of time looking around for the best eating plan and it all came into place. Once, I removed the fizzy drinks and stopped listening to the chocolate cravings, and instead increased the water, fruits and salads intake, everything felt better! Of, course I still have my guilty moments, who hasn't, but now I don't feel as guilty as before, because I am not doing it all the time!

Extra tip: Instead of looking for diets, look for something that can teach you how to deliver everything your body needs through food, because food does matter not only for our weight, but also for our skin, hair, nails, everything! There is a saying that: We are, what we eat. I couldn't agree more! Food is fuel, from what we eat, depends how we are going to feel during the day and how well we are going to perform, and we want to feel great, right? I came to terms with myself that I wanted to eat food high in nutrition, that will give me enough energy, keep my body in best shape and make me feel good. I started with books on the topic and then found a specialist nutritionist to help me with creating a special program. I am still at the beginning of my ''education'', but it already feels so worthy!

Step 4 Find a buddy

Everything is so much easier and faster when you have a buddy to share the hardships with. Find a friend or join a group with a similar goal- weight-loss, toning, better lifestyle and let them support and motivate you. If you find someone who has already gone through the same experience, even better! They will share their knowledge, give you tips and advice and make it easier for you!

Step 5 Don't give up

Be persistent and don't give up! It will pay off, I am telling you (scroll up and look at my picture again) If someone has told me that I will start fitting into my old clothes only a month into my program I wouldn't believe it, because I was looking at old pictures and I was thinking how difficult would that be. Well, it wasn't! I just decided that I really want it and the results started showing. I am telling you persistence pays off!

Step 6 The little secret

I am happy to tell you that I found a little secret, that is actually working wonders and helping loads of women to get their dream body and this secret is called Juice+! You might have heard of it, you might have not, you might have already experienced the amazing effect or you are still deciding whether to give it a go. Fact is that so far I haven't heard a single negative comment about Juice+ . On the contrary, the program is an absolute hit and both men and women are loving it, including me!

Finding Juice+ was exactly what I needed to finally complete my new healthy lifestyle. Few of the things I have experienced only after a week of being on this program (shakes and capsules):
  • great energy boost 
  • better skin 
  • flatter tummy 
  • better diet
This is only a small part of what this program is capable of! The stories of people who has found Juice+ and have felt the life-changing effect are numerous!

The idea of the program is to replace 1 to 2 meals a day with the healthy shakes full of vitamines from frutis and vegetables. It fills you up, gives you all the good things you would want to receive from a meal and it has very low caloric value. Great!

I don't look at it as a product to loose weight, but as a product to help you get your dream body, through a better and healthier lifestyle! Another post will follow with more details, but for now, if you want to know more or you are interested to try it yourself, leave me a comment, or drop me a message on FB!

Let's get going mums, let's drop the final baby weight! We can do it!


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