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Bobux Xplorer First Shoes Review

First cry, first touch, first smile, first tooth, first spoon, first step... For the past 1 year (yeyy we are already one year old!)) we experienced many firsts. All of them were so magical and unique, that is hard to say which was the most important. Still, we reached one very special first, which I think is signifying the end of one, and the beginning of another stage of our life. It comes the time to say goodbye to the little baby and welcome the cheeky toddler, who is getting better at standing on his two feet! 

It's time to baby proof the house, get a stroller (especially if you have a  big baby who has outgrown his pushchair), include cow's milk in the diet and join a new toddler group. And it is also a time for getting a pair of shoes. Not any shoes, though, but the first shoes! I was both excited and nervous, trying to find an answer to many questions. When do we need to get our first shoes, from where, what size, what material, what is good, what is not... 

After reading and hearing different opinions I found very useful to know that it is always best for children to learn walking barefooted or wearing socks. I find this sensible and true, but when we were out and about we had to wear some shoes, the question was what kind of shoes? 

For a long time one brand has been the most popular choice on the market. Well, I am happy this post won't be about this brand and I am extremely happy another company is coming to town and this is the New Zealand's Bobux

It won't be an understatement if I say that we received their shoes just at the very right time, when I was trying to escape from the same very ordinary choice. And from the moment I unpacked the delivery I knew they will offer something different. The original design of the box was just a little hint of what to expect inside...

Shoes made of soft fabric with flexible sole and a beautiful design. Have we finally found the shoes to help Alex during the important transition from crawling to walking? I couldn't wait to put them on and find out! 

Putting the shoes on was an easy task, I was glad that they fit his little feet nicely and without any difficulty. Now it was only a matter of time to see how long they were going to stay on for...

Two weeks later, and we have been wearing the Xplorer every day. It has been a joy to put them on Alex's feet and also watch him practice his walking. We have tried the shoes in different places and during different times of the day, but the results are always the same:
  • First shoes to be so easy to put on
  • First shoes which seem not to irritate and annoy Alex and he is not desperate to remove them
  • Look and feel very comfortable
  • I feel confident that they won't have any negative effect on his posture or feet
  • Fresh, original and stylish design

What is behind the technology?

Elastic + Velcro Closure 

Micro-Armour Toe Cap // Super fabric textile provides incredible abrasion resistance with maximum flexibility

Concealed Sole Seams// No uncomfortable seamrubbing on toesand feet

Advanced Eva Sol // unprecedented flexibility allowing for better contact with the ground

A peek on Bobux website is enough to convince you that they know what they are talking about and that they have a lot to offer. Their range of shoes is huge and their designs are adorable. The key word for me here is different and I think it was high time for some fresh and new children's shoe company to come around. Now when they are here, I strongly recommend you to have a look!

Learning to walk//Redesigned shoes
Available in stores and online form Feb 2015

We're going on an adventure


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