Saturday, 6 December 2014

Who said playpens are outdated?

Hey, who said playpens are old-fashioned? We just got one and we are very, very pleased! ''What is a playpen'', you will think? Or: ''Wait, was that metal cage where you put your baby and walk away, called playpen?'' I don't know what you are thinking, but if you are interested in playpens for some reason, if you have ever contemplated should you get one, or you a firm believer that the baby should never be put in one, then the next lines are for you. 

First, I would like to say that I wasn't impressed with the idea of a playpen when I first saw it, either. A restricted area, to keep your little toddler from ''running away''? And if it wasn't enough there were similar designs, not to say the same, for pets! Yes, it was upsetting, still, it was more upsetting to watch Alex not able to practice his crawling and exploring freely. I am sure I won't be the only one when I say that we can't baby-proof our house With an open living area and kitchen plan, flowers, cables, tables and sharp corners all around, a gate or edge and corner guards, won't do much. 

An ideal scenario would be to get rid of everything and leave an almost empty room with soft furniture and just few stuff on the walls, but since that is impossible, we had to find an alternative. And we did by researching the market for a playpen. 

I had the name and some blurred image of what it is in my mind, but when I went to look online I was very surprised to see how limited the choice was. Furthermore, when I asked mums for advice, they didn't seem to have any experience with playpens. Was it really something of the past? Still, I kept searching and found that we can choose among  wooden, plastic and metal. I thought the reviews will be the final judge.    

It did work and surprisingly or not, we went with the most popular and proven to be a safe option on the market, the metal  Lindam playpen. It  appeared to look like a cage, but the nice blue mat and the advantage of turning the playpen into separate safety gates or a room divider, seemed to make it the most versatile option. Reading the reviews, also helped me to find what was making the metal playpen better than the wooden and the plastic. Compared to the wood playpen, the metal one wasn't going to have issues with loosen screws or unpolished wood. (Common problems) Also, people were finding the plastic one very light and easy to move around on hard floors, which is not ideal if your toddler is a fast crawler and wants to drag his playpen all around the room.

And this final straight and honest review was what completely won me over:

We don't seem to have problems with getting stuck between the bars so far and the mat ties aren't an annoyance at all, but I share the peculiar similarity of our boy also headbutting the frame?! (Babies can be weird!)

We have been enjoying our playpen for around 2 weeks now and it has proven a great addition to our daily routine. Now, I can leave the room without being anxious and stressed, I can prepare a breakfast without Alex being strapped and upset at his highchair. He not only practices his crawl, but also his walking skills, pulling himself up and doing circles around holding the bars. Of course, he still prefers to be social and play with us, but I do agree that the playpen serves as a nice little house for him. And even if it looks small and limited from an adult perspective, isn't it what we put up with on a daily basis, being restricted by the limits of our own homes? 

''Hey, welcome to my little house'.'

''I can show you around.''

''Would you like to join me?''

I am sure it can be viewed differently, but what matters is that this playpen does the job for us, and I do recommend it to any parent, who finds issues with baby proofing their homes. I think the manufacturers can do better price wise, but well... there are good deals on Ebay, only if you have the patience to bid and wait. If not, head to Amazon and enjoy exploring!

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