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REVIEW: Cow & Gate 5 Step Weaning Plan

The last update on weaning was a while ago, and since then we have gone a long way. Thinking 5 months in retrospection, I remember how confused I used to be about the whole process. I didn't know where to start from. I tried to share my uncertainty with people around, but all I was getting was ''Oh, it's very easy, don't worry, you will get there'!' Sure, we were going to get there, but the big question was HOW? I was in a desperate need of a very detailed step by step guide to answer my numerous questions. And even though there is plenty of information available out there, I couldn't seem to find anything that was working for me.. Until... 

I really can't remember how I heard about Cow and Gate 5 Step Weaning plan, but when I saw the words step, weaning and plan, I knew that I have finally found what I was looking for. It wasn't long before I was on Google typing the key words. The rest was very easy. Entering the Cow&Gate website, I quickly found my way and ended up ordering the free weaning booklet. It was just a matter of time for the precious package to arrive. And when it finally did...Well, this is when the real journey into weaning started! 

Before starting the 5 Step Weaning Plan, all we have tried was baby rice. (You can read about our first experience in The diary of weaning Part 1-The Attempt) It seems that Cow&Gate was meant for us from the very beginning, because even before starting the plan, the first ever food we got Alex was their Baby Rice! Starting the plan was just the missing piece in our weaning puzzle. And after we got this piece, we slowly started building up the process in establishing a weaning routine.

5 months later we are happy 10 months old toddlers, eating 3 meals a day and cooking various delicious foods. And all of this thanks to the amazing help of the simple, but extremely effective guide. Since, trying it for the first time I have been so in awe, that when I was asked to do a review, I couldn't but accept with pleasure!

It's great to say that for only a few months the 5 Step Plan has moved from a booklet to an online interactive guide! I still keep our hard copy, but I find the online version even better (no chance of loosing/ruining it!)  I would love to take you through the 5 Step Weaning Plan and show you how much it has helped us in establishing our own weaning routine. 

Why to use the 5 Step Weaning Plan?
  • The guide answers in a very easy, simple and fun way, questions like: ''When is our baby  ready for weaning?'', ''What is the essential weaning equipment'', ''What to shop?'', ''How to cook?'', ''How to store the food'' and many more.   
  • It makes you love preparing baby food! - The first apple I offered Alex was uncooked and grated. Naturally, he wasn't impressed. The second time, I used a recipe from the guide for Baby rice with apple puree and it was a success! What a difference a cooked apple and a nice warm puree can make... Good I know now! 
  • Suggests a great selection of recipes-very easy to make! - I have encountered numerous baby recipes book, but complicated meals with loads of ingredients wasn't really what I was looking for, at least not in the beginning! So simple recipes for a starter was precious!
  • Puts all of the recipes into an order, starting with ''First spoonfuls''(Introducing the top 10 first foods) and finishing with ''3 established meals a day'' (Getting your baby used to a routine of eating 3 pureed meals a day)
  • You will find top tips and advice from the Cow&Gate team of feeding experts and you can also reach them on the phone, via live chat or E-mail
  • Creating account on the website allows you to record your experience and add recipes to your personal plan
  • You can enjoy money-off coupons for various Cow&Gate products

How to use the 5 Step Weaning Plan?
  • Go on:
  • Register to create your baby's weaning plan
  • Add delicious recipes to ''My Plan'' 
  • Track your baby's likes and dislikes
  • Get money-off coupons

Easy peasy, right? It is a real pleasure to browse through the plan and I think Cow&Gate has done a brilliant job keeping the online plan simple, interactive, but at the same time very informative. I also love the cooperation between feeding experts and mums. 

If you are in the beginning of your weaning journey, I can't recommend the Cow&Gate 5 Step Weaning Plan enough! It has been an amazing help for us, I hope it will work for you too, if you give it a go! And why not.

If you are already a weaning expert, I am sure you will still find the online guide useful, even if it's just to try some new recipes or get some money-off coupons! It is also a great way to keep an online recipe diary. 

Today we have successfully established 3 meals a day, and the once dreaded cooking and weaning, have now become a fun and pleasant routine for everyone (just not when we are tired and grumpy!) The weaning plan came our way at the right moment and I hope it will reach and assist many other mums who are in the beginning of this exciting stage called weaning! Are you one of them? 

I have been sent a weaning pack , including gift card, accessories and Cow and Gate products free of charge, for the purposes of this review, however this review expresses my very own opinion and experience, after testing the product.


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