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My fashion inspiration: Independent Boutique Capsule

For someone who is used to life in a large and busy city, moving to a small suburban town was a new and very different experience. Changing the crowded, noisy and dirty city, for a quiet, remote and green town was a big step and required some time for adjustments. I was ecstatic for the prospects of living in peaceful and quiet place, away from the stressful routine of the city.

I quickly fell in love with the small community and loads of green areas, but I soon started to miss the variety which the big city offers. With a town center, consisting of only one main street and few clothes shops (most of them charity), I soon realized the big city center and malls will become a thing of the past.  

I decided to be positive about this change and to try and enjoy what was available, rather than focus on what was not. I went to search around town and my enthusiasm was soon rewarded, when I started to discover what was hidden in the small side streets. The first “gem” I found was an independent fashion boutique called Capsule.  

From the moment I laid my eyes on the boutique’s window, I knew I had found something special. The elegant, knee high peach dress with quirky belt and pretty accessories to match, was calling me from behind the glass, leaving me absolutely unable to resist the temptation to enter the shop.  

I was on a walk with Alex, but the buggy didn’t stop me from going inside what looked like a tiny shop at first. Usually, I would skip entering a small shop, just because of the whole ordeal and discomfort with trying to fit the buggy, but luckily I was welcomed by a kind a smiling lady, who helped me with “maneuvering” it and quickly made me forget my worries.

What was revealed in front of my eyes then, was an impeccably arranged and decorated in the spirit of a timeless elegance, women’s shop. There wasn't a trace from the big high street shops, not a trace from the similar designs you can see on every window mannequin in the mall, not a trace of long clothes racks with loads of the same clothes.

What I saw was a colorful palette of different styles, designs, textures and materials. Quirky, but feminine and elegant, flowing dresses, colorful tops, different types of trousers and skirts, bags shoes, jewelry… I couldn't get enough of touching and going through everything in there, I wanted to try everything on, it felt like most of the clothes belong to my wardrobe. I have finally found what I have been wanting for so long- a different shop, a shop with identity.

I couldn't get to try the peach dress on, because Alex quickly woke me up from my trance and reminded me we need to go back home for his nap, but I left with the promise I will come back and have a proper look around.

It wasn't long before I came back, and Carole, the same kind and smiling lady welcomed me in again. With her friendly attitude and helpful advice, I soon felt at home and started trying on various outfits. Her impeccable look and elegant outfit, suggested me I can trust her word that she will help me find what will best suit my body and will make me feel and look beautiful.  

And her magic worked, because since then, I have been visiting her boutique at least once a week. If not to check on the new arrivals (because she stocks all the time!), then to simply say hi. Because this is what Carole does with her customers, she turns them into friends and before you realize, you will be into a deep conversation with her and will forget to leave (Unless you have a baby around!).

Carole describes herself as a friendly person, who can get on with people and says that she has always been very passionate about clothes. She remembers trying her mother’s clothes and running around the garden in her high heels. She thinks you rather have the passion for fashion or you don't and having this shop is a dream come true.

It doesn't take long to realize what Carole is doing is really coming from her heart and that she is really enjoying it. Since, she has opened Capsule in November, 2013 she has been working hard on a daily basis to develop and promote it. Attending events here and there, spreading the news for the shop from word of mouth, and a year later the business is blossoming and she starts building a steady clientele.

She says it is hard, especially in a small town like St Neots, but this is another reason for opening the shop. A gap in the market motivates her to follow her passion for fashion. Carole admits it's not only the textiles, quality and design she loves. For her it has always been more than that, it's the ageless fashion that is her ultimate goal and inspiration. 

Having “experienced” the clothes in the fashion boutique myself, I think they can suit and please a woman any age: “Women any age can find lovely pieces here. If the woman has lovely, individual style, she can find it in here.”

She is convinced that even though people go to the big cities and shops first, once they know her shop and experience the unique clothes, they become regular customers. And it's not surprising. The different clothes, the great quality and the huge variety, make ladies come back for more. 'You can find everything here, from casual tops and trousers to occasional wear for weddings and celebrations.'

The interesting name behind the boutique is not random but has been chosen rather carefully. ''The shop is called Capsule, like a capsule wardrobe, because everything here you can mix and match. It is getting a wardrobe to the point where you can intermix everything and you don’t need to have loads, loads of clothes. Also, C.А.P is my initials – which fits in nicely.''

If you are a local resident and in search of something different, stylish and edgy, Capsule is your place. Carol will be more than happy to help and guide you. 'I want women to go out of here and feel beautiful. It is an art and usually when a woman walks in, I can tell what will suit her and I can tell what will look really great on her.

Carole is looking out for women who know their style and know what they want, but also she is inviting ladies ready to experiment and try different designs, different labels and types of clothes. She promises she has colors, styles and shapes for every woman who wants to add the 'feel good' factor to her wardrobe.

''Hopefully, I offer women something different, something that will make them feel really good and make them feel stylish and chic and individual, make them feel they have got something very special, that they will want to wear again and again.''

''For a long time St Neots has been waiting for a proper, decent, women’s clothes shop. And now it’s here, so please come along and look at what we've got, look at some lovely designs and clothes and I am sure you will go away happy.''

07843 852 484


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