Sunday, 2 November 2014

Delicious Pumpkin Pastry

Halloween is gone and so are the pumpkins in the shops! Do you have any left at home? I hope you haven't thrown the leftovers from your orange scary carvings, because I can suggest you a delicious recipe for a quick pumpkin pastry. In case you don't have any left, don't worry, you don't have to wait till next year! You can simply replace the pumpkin with a butternut squash and you will still be able to indulge in the sweet pastry. I promise that the smell of cinnamon and icing sugar will give you a warm and exciting feeling, reminding you that Christmas season is just around the corner! Are you up for trying it?  

You will need: 

500 g filo pastry sheets

1.3 kg pumpkin


cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
2 eggs
150 ml milk
half lemon
icing sugar

  • First and foremost you should grate the pumpkin. If you have carved a pumpkin this Halloween, you will have no problem with scooping out the insides and removing the seeds. 
  • Next you need your pastry sheets at a room temperature. You might have a hard time finding them in small or local shops, so for best results visit a bigger shop. This is an example of what you need to get.
  • Make sure you have clean and spacious place to spread the sheets. Start taking them one by one. 
  • Take a sheet, spread some melted butter and then put another sheet on top. Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon, a little bit of nutmeg and vanilla. Then add 3 big spoons of grated pumpkin. Finish with 2 spoons of sugar and some chopped walnuts.
  •  Roll the sheets and put them in the dish where you are going to bake. Then take another sheet, and start from the beginning. Keep repeating until you have enough sheets rolled and placed in the dish. 
  • When you are done, take a knife and cut the rolls so you end up with small squares.
  • Mix 2 eggs with the milk, a little bit of vanilla and soda bicarbonate. Mix well and cover the pastry.
  • Put in the oven on gas mark 6, until the top gets golden brown. 
  • Take out of the oven and cover with a mixture of lemon juice and icing sugar. When it cools down, sprinkle generously with icing sugar. 
And you are ready! 

Here it comes the pumpkin pastry :) Enjoy!   

And while enjoying the delicious dessert, let me share with you some snaps from our first Halloween decorations. It was all an exciting experience,I can't wait for the next one! How about you, please share your favorite pictures :) 


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