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90 Days Challenge: Starting the Post Pregnancy Workout

Taking a look in the past year, pregnancy was a truly blissful period. At this time 12 months ago,  I was watching X-Factor, devouring a big bowl of fruits and Dominoes gooey chocolate cookies.  There was this little person inside me who was going strong and growing with every other day. I should have kept a good diet, because in the end we welcomed him weighing whole 9lb! 

Even though, it was a joy to eat for two, I kept worrying what my body will look like after the pregnancy and how fast I will be able to go back into shape. However, I used to have a comparably healthy lifestyle before, working out, swimming and be always on the go. I also hoped I would have my mum's amazing genes, after hearing the stories of how she lost all of her baby weight almost immediately after giving birth to me and again, 8 years later-to my brother. 

Well, in the end it didn't happen this way with me. Going through an emergency cesarean didn't promise fast recovery, on the contrary, left me aching and wondering if I will be the same person ever again. Luckily, after a few months, the memories of the terrible pain are distant and the scar is slowly fading. Still, exercising wasn't on my list for a very long period of time. I clearly remember the last time when I went jogging, it was between the third or fourth month of the pregnancy. I decided to give one more go to exercising in the last trimester, joining the aqua class in the sports center nearby, but after the second visit, I called quits on sports, until...

Almost 10 months after giving birth, I feel finally ready to hit the gym and re-find my inner sports self. However, this wasn't easy to happen and I went through some very difficult months both physically and emotionally wise. Even though, I had more important things on my mind than thinking about weight, I was feeling more and more conscious about the way I look. 

It's weird thinking how I used to look at my stomach and anxiously anticipating it to grow. And months later, the situation is completely different, I can't wait to go back in shape. I have been struggling to like my image in the mirror, choosing what clothes to wear and constantly worrying what people think. I tried to figure out the reason behind the way I was feeling. Why was I putting an unnecessary pressure on myself, on top of being a new mum? Was it because of the magazine covers with all the celebrity mums loosing weight straight away after birth? Was it because just a year ago I used to be half my size and the change in my body was just too drastic? Why people kept making comments on how much I have gained or lost?

With the support of a very much caring and loving partner, I decided to change my perspective and instead of hating my body, I just accepted it will be this way for a while. Realistically, I just had a 9lb baby, who we very much loved to feed day and night for almost a year. (Mince pie and a glass of milk every night for a month and a chocolate box every week :) So, I just had to appreciate my curves and I did! I felt pretty! Still, I knew that exercising has always been a big part of my life, which I wanted to adapt to my new lifestyle.

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I didn't fully realize how much I have actually missed exercising, until I finally decided to start gym again. And it FELT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I don't have words to describe how good I felt only 10 minutes in my training session. I don't know what exactly was released in my brain and what reactions were happening in my body, but since starting the gym again, I haven't felt any better. Should have I started it earlier? I wish I was benefiting from the magical effect of exercising earlier, but I realize I wasn't completely ready and I had to wait for the time to come. Now it is this time and I plan to make the most of it. 

Joining the gym came with an induction, a whole new program and a 90 days challenge (optional, but who doesn't want a little bit motivation?) So, I had to put down what I challenge myself to do in the next 90 days. What I wrote down was that I want to reduce my weight with few pounds. I did this just before my first session and if I had to sit down and write again, I would change my challenge. Just because I soon remembered that toning and getting back in shape doesn't always mean to lose weight. It is way much more than that, It is about healthy mind and body, inspiration, motivation and the most important thing-achieving balance. Something I have been missing for a while with all the hormones all over the place. 


And now, a month after I started visiting the gym regularly, I am finally getting rid of my obsession for weight and size. Instead, I am remembering how good it feels, to put my earphones, get lost in my favorite tracks and enjoy some 'me' time, while I am de-stressing in one of the best ways.
I am happy to say that once I became less hard on myself, I achieved better results and I am slowly starting to fit into my old clothes. The best, however, is that I am much happier and this way, hopefully I will bring even more positive emotions to my loved ones! 

Dear mums, have you started your pregnancy workouts? What are your goals? 
Please share xx   


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