Saturday, 18 October 2014

Parent-facing pushchair vs Forward-facing one?

It was one of those days when you do exactly the same things as usual, but somehow everything ends up differently. The same baby class you have been attending for ages, but unexpectedly you make a new friend. The same route you take to the park and back, but experiencing something new. Coming home at the same time, but feeling with uplifted spirits. Today was such day.

Going out for an afternoon stroll, me and Alex were on our usual road to the park/town/coffee place :) The only different thing was that the weather was nicer than yesterday and we were enjoying some rays of sunshine. We were passing the supermarket parking lot when in the distance I noticed another mum pushing her baby . What made an impression on me was that the baby was facing forward. And here we go again, for a million time I was questioning myself, when is going to be the right moment to reverse our pushchair? For a long time it seemed like all of the babies around are enjoying the independence and “turning their backs” on their parents, they were venturing into the big world. Still, Alex was under my supervision, facing my direction.

My thoughts didn't get much further because suddenly we were interrupted by a lady walking our way. At first, I was a little bit confused when she approached me. I don't think I will exaggerate if I say that she looked very peculiar and I really couldn't guess what she will have to tell me. Ask me for directions? Soon the mystery was revealed and instead of asking questions, the lady just said she was happy to see a baby facing the direction of his parent. How nice I thought! Was this a sign that I shouldn't doubt myself and the way I feel about leaving Alex out of sight?

Honestly, this question has been bothering me for a while. Seeing most of the babies moving on to the level when they don't need to see their parents constantly, and can enjoy a walk 'on their own', has made me think and re-think when is the right time to try this with him. We are currently 9 months, but I have seen younger children in already reversed pushchairs. So, is it an age thing? Is it a parent thing? What does it depend from?

Does it mean that the position of the pushchair will determine whether the child is more independent or not? Is my way attachment parenting? I haven't read anything on this question and I am even not sure how interesting this topic is? However, it has made a big impression on me. Is anyone else feeling this way?

I tried it once. It didn't last long. Maybe half an hour. I was constantly checking on him- what is his face like, is he sleeping, is he happy? It just didn't work. It might sound crazy, but after the scary experience we went through, it's even harder to let him out of sight. Too much or not, this is how I feel. It's a relief to know that Alex is not too bothered anyway. Whether he is facing forward or not, he doesn't seem to notice any difference. It's been long since he is used to our voices and faces and even if I am in front of him, he prefers to explore the streets, bushes and of course other people, different from the same old mum and dad :)

The truth is I absolutely love our time when we are out. Even though, sometimes I feel tired, rather than excited to go on a stroll, and pushing a 10kg baby all the way and back, isn't always cheerful, I love spending time with this little beautiful boy. All of his sounds, all of his expressions, all of his movements, there is nothing I would change. That's why, if you see us on the street, and I am staring at him, smiling and making weird sounds, know that I am still sane (really hope so), just having a magical time, a time I wouldn't miss. Sorry Alex, you are still not facing forward!


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