Thursday, 24 July 2014

What type of blogger are you?

The Newbie (The innocent stage)

You have just started your blog and you are passionate, excited and... a little bit stressed. You have brainstormed for ages your blog's name and have spent hours researching domains, hosting, html codes and all sorts of "how to". Yes, you are absolutely self-made (maybe with the exception of the blog design which you ordered online, I know, it was doing your head in and the ready made one was just too cute!) You are ready to go and posts are flowing, you don't want to destroy the perfect rhythm, so no matter what, you need to have ready posts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday (preferably week in advance). World is pink, your baby has already 1086373938 pictures and you need to put them in use as soon as possible. After all, they won't be up-to-date in 1-2 weeks time. OMG did I just deleted what it seems I have been doing for eternity?? 

The not so newbie (The rise of the bloggomonster)

You feel like you are slowly getting the ropes of it. You have twitter, FB page, bloglovin and you are connected to few parenting websites and networks. You have been noticed and have received some comments and messages from fellow mum bloggers! Ugh, don't be so happy, it's some freakin' game, or something for voting or answering questions. Wait, another 10 new followers? Oh, just annoyng spam, adverts, etc... Anyway, you don't feel like an alien anymore and the more blogs you visit, the bigger your ambitions and plans grow. However, the blogs you visit are mainly more popular, developed and advanced than yours. Yes, apparently you have already seen the other side of the fence where the grass is greener - 1,000 likes, 800 followers, 200 comments and ... numerous reviews for BIG brands. Your eyes become watery, the magnificent pram you have always imagined for your little prince or princess, but you still can't afford or you have gone great lengths to buy, has been given to someone for FREE! Just like that... In exchange for 1,500 words and unlimited time use. How? When? What? This is your new main goal- to chase and find who give away these free bees. You want one as well! Now! Please?

The born to be a blogger (The one everyone wants to be like)

You have never taken yourself seriously, you have always been going with the flow. You have started blogging by absolute chance. You have started posting just words and random thoughts. A sentence today, two tomorrow, a blurred picture just for the sake of having a picture... But you liked it and  kept doing it, because you are not the type of person who doesn't finish what they have started and also you are the type of person always having fun when doing something. Did we mention that all your friends think you are the lucky one, being always in the right place and at the right time? And BAM! Just like that you find yourself one day absolutely flooded with requests for reviews, random people are stopping you and congratulating you on your venture and you are winning contest after contest and prize after prize. The boxes are queuing in  front of your door and you just feel like you have hit the jackpot and found your calling. And even though you are under the spotlight, you still don't mind showing an unedited picture of yourself and your imperfections. Because you are natural and this is your charm.

The Hard-working blogger (The least annoying one)

Right, you have started your blog with the clear idea that you want to make something out of it. Whether its popularity, free stuff, recognition or all of them, no matter what it will cost you, you are ready to work hard. Actually, you have always been the type of person to receive based on what he has given or in other words "you will reap, what you sow". You don' believe in having any extraordinary talents, but hey there is nothing which can't be achieved with few sleepless nights and extra work. You are ready to blog 24/7. You don't believe in 2-3 posts a week to keep your audience on the hook, no, it's all or nothing. A post every day, even twice a day, as long as you have what to write about. And sure you do! Big family is never boring! While some need special techniques for concentration and takes them days to get their act together, and write a post, you don' have any problem doing everything now, at the moment. Why wait till tomorrow if you can do it now? The hard work has paid and in the end offers started knocking on your door. Even though, you still can't help sometimes wonder why some bloggers have it so easy...

Ms Sarcasm (The unreachable one)

Ms sarcasm just can't be bothered, she is winning popularity with nothing else but her sharp and edgy sense of humour. Her rants and sarcastic comments just grab your attention and it's not long before you realize you are totally addicted. Ahh, she is like the popular kids in school; you know you will never reach their level of perfection and charisma, but you still can't get your eyes off them. Ms Sarcasm like The born to be a blogger, doesn't like to take herself too seriously. As long, as she has where to rant about people who annoyed her in the supermarket today, her world is complete. You will recognise her by her deep relation with the wine. Reading her first sentence on About me page, she will tell you how much she loves wine and that it is getting her through the day. If by any chance wine is not her thing, then understand whisky, rum, beer, cider, vodka, or any other alcohol which will ease the stress and make her tongue untie. She realizes people are tired of daisies and roses, and she will give you exactly the opposite, a bush full of sharp thorns, which will end up being your guilty pleasure, for the few moments when your child has drifted off. Oh, no, do I hear a cry?

The Philosopher  

You have always wanted to be a writer. You have a background in copywriting, freelance, social media, or any other type of writing. And now the blog is your very own scene where you can let your thoughts run wild. You are not on about what your family has eaten or showing off the cute outfits you just got your little one. You are above the ordinary. You are a dreamer and a thinker with very sensitive soul and your posts can't hide it. You don't care too much about fancy background, glittering buttons or some colourful nonsense. You prefer to analyze hot topics or write essays about very emotional stuff that has triggered your inspirational centres during the day. In the beginning you have been quite cautions though, you wouldn't write about everything and you were skipping the controversial topics, keeping your opinions to yourself. Until, this one stirring post, went viral and kind of made you famous. People started praising your courage and you found new confidence in running your web platform. Now you are not afraid to express your opinion on different topics whether it's about love, life or politics and nothing can't stop you. Post after post you are touching people's feelings and provoking their thoughts. (Yawn...)

Just you

If you have found a bit of yorself among these lines, but you still can't "categorize" yourself, then I guess you are the type of being "just you". You are unique, as we all are. We can share the same passions, desires, thoughts and ideas, but in the end we bring our own touch and very personal experiences. We are in the same boat, so have fun and enjoy your blogging!

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