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Weaning Continues and Chicco Happy Snack Highchair Review

Weaning has been on our agenda for quite some time now, and not surprisingly - it is really a big and important step. Also, a very confusing one! It is true that loads of help and information is available, but nothing becomes really clear until you finally started doing it yourself! We began our journey a month ago (you can follow some of our experiences chronologically HereHere and Here) but the real deal started just now, when our highchair arrived. And what a chair, I couldn't be more pleased with our purchase and I am going to tell you why in a very short while!


The first difficulty that we encountered on our route to weaning was answering the question: When to start? Our health visitor has always strongly supported the thesis that weaning should start from around 6 months of age. Everything I was reading on the topic was suggesting the same. But what was my surprise when I visited my GP in my home country and she told me that according to their guidelines, introducing solids, starts from 3 months onwards. Hmm.. And then I heard that in America they recommend parents to wait until the child is 9 months old! Really?! Yes, different countries, different guidelines. More on this topic will follow in a special blog post very soon!   

After contemplating for a while, when exactly to start, we decided to try around a month ago, when Alex was 5 months old. Great! The next question that followed was: With what food to start? We figured out this one quite easy first, with going for the popular baby rice and then, following the advice of my GP, to try with fruit purees. However, this advice could be quite controversial: What if the baby gets used to the sweet taste of the fruit and refuses vegetables afterwards?

Luckily, Alex went on to like potatoes, parsnip, chicken, carrots (not so much), peas... First 3 weeks were about introducing him with just a few spoons once a day, to "what food is like" and "what do we do with food". Then, we started offering him more tastes - morning, lunch and early evening (1-2h before bed). I feared we might have rushed him, but now instead of 3 times per night, he wakes 2 and his cry has significantly changed. Of course, milk continues to be the most important food, but we are also practising and creating a weaning routine.

CHICCO Happy Snack Highchair


After we started introdoucing Alex to solids, we knew it was time for a highchair. And because we don't prepare in advance, we just went to order one online. Quite risky I would say, but fortunately it turned rewarding in our case! After reading other mum's issues with highchairs, I knew what I was looking for: a comfortable seat and and a chair which is easy to clean. Chicco Happy Snack Highchair proved to be all that and much more!

What grabbed my attention in Chicco, when I was browsing through the pictures, was the spacious and comfortable seat, the wide solid base and the simple design. Of course, pictures can be very misleading at times, but all of the reviews were so positive, that it didn't take me long to actually proceed to ordering.

With a very fast delivery from Amazon, the box was delivered one sunny morning, in just a few days after ordering. Naturally, I couldn't wait and I opened it in front of Alex's confused gaze, staring at me from his bouncy chair. Usually, I don't go for building bigger stuff and I was going to wait for our dad to "play with this toy", but I was so impatient, that I decided to give it a go and assembly the chair myself. I was so pleasantly surprised that I almost didn't need to look at the instructions, and the chair was ready in around 10 minutes! All by myself! 

The seat really proved to be spacious, deep and seemingly comfortable with a 3 position reclining seat and a tray with 4 positions. I absolutely loved he removable and easy to clean P.V.C seat cover and for the short time we have had the chair, we already managed to get so messy, that I already tested cleaning the seat and it proved priceless! Very easy to remove, to wipe and to return back! I didn't find any issue to remove the 5-point restraint harness from the seat cover and clean it.

The basket is a very quirky and useful addition, which at first I really didn't think we will use that much, but it seems we quickly found a purpose and now it somehow seems to collect everything Alex drops off the chair, like toys, food... It's still way too early to use the footrest, but it's there, ready and waiting for us. And last on my list bust not least: this chair is extremely EASY to fold!! Just with two red buttons from both sides it folds, and transforms into a compact and a free standing highchair!

We still haven't found a reason to fold the highchair, because it fits perfectly around the table and is in use most of the time. I don't mind, because I love the looks and find it simply pleasing the eye. I hope it will keep making us happy and it will be in use for long.

This is how a quick and random shop on Amazon, ended with a great purchase which I very much recommend. If you are looking for a simple, affordable and very practical highchair, you can head on to Amazon for the best deal!

Apart from our weaning adventures, something else very exciting happened just recently. I received an E-mail that we have been shortlisted for Mother&Baby Summer Photo Contest!I sent the picture what seemed like long ago and because no one got in touch, I assumed we didn't make it. Happily, we did and we are now one of the 20 selected pictures! 

You might recognize the picture from the post: Don't let baby blues ruin precious moments. It is one of my favorite pictures and posts and I am happy it has been recognized by someone else. If you too like the picture, please don't hesitate to head on to M&B Website and give us YOUR vote! It will take less than a minute and you will help us get closer to the Final 5!

Fingers crossed!

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