Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Diary Of Weaning Part 1 - The Attempt

Something very exciting and completely unplanned happened yesterday - we tried to give Alex his first bites! Well, it looked more like he was biting the spoon, while the milky - rice bits were going everywhere else, but not in his stomach... still, let me tell you all about it.

Alex will be 5 months next week and as I have mentioned in other posts, he still wakes up a lot during the night for feeds. Nothing unusual, just he started doing some new and unusual things these days like... Staring at us when we are eating, really staring, making me feel a little bit guilty for not sharing with him! He also started making some chewing moves with his mouth. This, combined with his appetite was making me think more and more about weaning. Still, I was unsure about things like: what food to start with, what part of the day, what amount, how often... Until, I went to the baby section in Boots and the picture started to become clearer. 

We were having our usual walk to town and entering Boots I had in mind to take him his first cup (4+), but instead my attention was grabbed by the section with baby food and the Cow and Gate Baby Rice. I saw that it is suitable from the age of 4 months. Luckily there was another mum with a baby just a little bit older, who was happy to share her experience with weaning. The conversation with her convinced me to give it a go and we ended buying rice, a spoon and a bowl. I couldn't wait to go home and make our first attempt!  

Everything was sterilized and ready to use, the baby rice was easy to make 1spoon of rise +10 spoons of our usual milk (warm or cold). The tiny portion was ready and ...  

Let's say it was an introduction to food, but not quite a feed. And the rice mixture was all over his mouth and bib, but not quite where it should have been. Alex was genuinely surprised, even shocked by this sudden change, but at least he enjoyed playing with the spoon. He was really impressed with this extraordinary device, but he prefered to massage his gums, rather than use it for its purpose. 

And suddenly it occurred to me... What was I expecting? Was I really thinking that one day he will just suddenly start eating spoon after spoon, finish his tiny portion and then blissfully fall into a long night's sleep...
Well, maybe one day when he is ready, but not just yet.

I realized weaning won't solve our night sleep issues and apparently is compltely normal that he wakes up 4 times a night (Health Visitor's voice - "Every baby is individual!"). We will keep this routine until his needs are fulfilled. I also realized that weaning is a slow process, which gradually builds up and we just started yesterday.  

Still, I feel it was a big step for us, getting our first bowl and spoon and baby rice. Just now, it is the little one who needs a little bit of practice and most importantly, to feel the need and urge to grab this spoon, this time not to wack it into the table, but to actually eat his rice.

(To be continued)


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