Sunday, 8 June 2014

Healing Foods & How To Fight Colds With Natural Remedies

The sunny days are here and so are the colds and flu. One moment it is raining and the next the sun is dazzling.  I can't think of any solutions for dealing with the weather, except to try and make the most of it (maybe escape on holiday to a much warmer place?) However, these drastic changes can not only affect the mood, but also the health. 

We have been coughing and sneezing on and off for so long now, that I am starting to think is there going to be an end of this flu season any time soon? And because it has been far too long and I started getting really irritated with the stupid germs, I decided to look for some alternatives for fighting the cold and strengthening the immune system.

I have always been prone to catching colds very easily but in the past I would run to the doctor and get a prescription for a medicine. These days are long gone and doctors hardly prescribe medicine, only the usual paracetamol, honey and tea. I don't agree with paracetamol, and honey and tea are not enough to fight the persistent germs. That's why I decided to try something different and refused to go for the usual flu medicines sold over the counter. I want to share with you about the few natural remedies I found effective and which helped me to feel much better. And also, I want to tell you  about another discovery which absolutely made my day (even the week) called Healing Foods.  First, let's start with the natural remedies.   

When I felt the first symptoms of a cold I decided to try a different approach and started researching some herbs, instead of going for medicines. I started treating the symptoms with Echinacea, together with Health Oils Immune Defence. Previously, I had read that Manuka Honey is wonderful for the body, so I decided to try it as well. Honey is honey and no matter "manuka" or not, it is amazing in every aspect, but what caught my eye in the manuka, was the number in front of the package. And apparently this number does matter and the bigger it is, the stronger is the honey (but so is the price). I will leave to you to judge if it's worth the money or not. 
Echinacea- is a traditional herbal product used to relieve the symptoms of common cold and influenza type infections. It is believed that the plant can boost the immune system and reduce the length of the cold. Still, it is controversial, whether it has an effect and if some parts of the plant are more effective than the others. Read more 
Manuka honey- is "indigenous" for New Zealand Honey. It is known to have been used for generations for its antibacterial qualities and to treat wounds. The key factor here is the number on the package, which shows whether the honey is "active" or not. A honey with a number 10 or more, is considered to be "active" and suitable for therapeutic medical use. Read more   
It is important to know that fighting colds with alternative medicine is not a one off treatment and to be really effective it should be combined with balanced food and healthy lifestyle. I don't want you to get me wrong, by eating the occasional burger and relaxing with a cider or wine, I am far from living the ultimate healthy life, but under healthy lifestyle I mean good food, plenty of water and regular exercise. And this is absolutely achievable, as long as you believe in the benefits and do it with the clear consciousness that it's good for you in every aspect. In my case, I am very tired of not being in my best shape, catching every flu out there, feeling tired and not in a good mood. 

However, strengthening the immune system, cleaning the body from toxins and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a long process which needs building up. And as I said it's not about doing it for a day or two, but making it a daily routine, a way of life. I believe by refusing to the over the counter medicine and turning to herbal remedies instead, I have made the first step in the long-term plan for improving my health and diet. The second step was discovering the book Healing Foods. 

Since the pregnancy, my diet has included mainly home-cooked meals, which is really amazing! I have finally come to the moment when I can really tell the difference between real food and the ready made one. I know that I have been eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat for all those months, and my meals have been various and healthy, but what I didn't realise was how much hidden "powers" many of the foods have. Until, we discovered an absolutely amazing book/guide/something more - Healing Foods!

Do you know which foods:
  • promotes a healthy digestive tract 
  • aid water balance
  • supports efficient metabolism 
  • helps strengthen the bones 
  • helps to fight the toxins 
Well, the book I am holding and make me burst with happiness tells about it all and much much more! I can't believe how many of the foods we have been eating, without having the slightest idea how much good they do to us. It truly amazes me, and also gives me a whole new perspective on the food and what a huge effect it plays in our health and well-being.

I can't wait to learn more and I am more than happy to share with you! If you like what you have read so far and you also have an interest in learning more about healthy lifestyle, please share your experience and don't miss my next posts with more on: how to strengthen our immune system, eat balanced and clean our body from toxins!

Until then, I haven't forgotten it's Sunday and it's time for a recipe from our kitchen. Today, the recipe is from the book Healing Foods, and will be posted very shortly. Just a hint, it's a meal which helps:
  • strengthen the immune system 
  • improve circulation
  • remove toxins from the body


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