Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happy International Children's Day!

Hey, do you know that today is International Children's Day? If not, hurry and give your little one a big hug and a kiss! In my country the 1st June has always been a widely celebrated day and I can't help but feel a little bit nostalgic about the times I was a child myself. 

My parents used to take me out for a nice walk, fun and play and I was very excitd to receive a small treat! On a sunny day like this, the park was full of families, enjoying the blissful sun and watching their children play. The noise could be heard from afar, the noise from children's laugh, parent's chat, the music from the carousel and the horns from the passing bikes.  

The park I used to go as a child, Sofia, Bulgaria
I am also saying Happy Children's Day to everyone who has preserved their inner child! Even though hidden under few "layers", it only takes us one look in a child's face to remember the innocence and joy of the childhood.

The sun is shining today, celebrating with the children, let's take the moment and enjoy the day. Are you doing anything special?   

Children's Celebration, Sofia, Bulgaria


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