Thursday, 5 June 2014

ElevEase - Beauty Care Made Easy!

"Dear diary,  I am almost 7 months pregnant and I am getting bigger with every other day. I am becoming slower and I find it harder to do some basic daily activities. I bump into everything and my balance and mobility are worse than ever, it is especially difficult when I am in the shower and I am always afraid not to fall. At this stage exfoliating my toes and shaving my legs are probably the last things on my mind… ”

If I was keeping a diary during the pregnancy, I would probably have a chapter like this. I am not pregnant anymore, but I still remember how heavy and hard to move I was feeling. I don't think it will be too much if I compare it to: "like an elephant in a glass shop"!

However, expectant mother or not, I still had to take care of my appearance. Only if I wasn’t finding as easy thing, as shaving my legs, such a struggle! And maybe things would have been different, if I was introduced to ElevEase few months ago.

Still, better late than never, I have just recently found this innovative, simple and extremely useful must have accessory for a shower, called ElevEase. I had the opportunity to test it myself and I am pleasantly surprised to find what a great addition to the bathroom it is. Let me now introduce it to you.

Pregnant or not, I must agree that shaving in a shower has always been a challenge. And it has been a question of gymnastic skills and flexibility. But with an invention as simple as this plastic foot rest, the problem seems to be significantly reduced! How haven’t I thought about it earlier? A foot rest where you can put your feet and comfortably do your thing, whether it’s shaving, exfoliating, massaging, doing your nails or applying moisturizer or a tanning product, no stress involved! Great idea, I thought, but let’s first test it in reality. ElevEase is originally shipped from the US and I thought it might be a while until it is delivered, but I received it just in a week after it was dispatched! Amazing!

It came in a light box with only 3 pieces, the ElevEase, instructions and an adhesiveUsually I am not very good when it comes to follow instructions, but I was going to give my best. Luckily, the assembly was very easy; I just needed some quiet time and a dry bathroom. The adhesive doesn’t smell nice and it requires a little bit of strength to push it out of the tube, but it is a quick task.

Before getting on to the actual installment, I had to decide on what height to place the step. The recommended hight is: 50cm, but I decided to put it a little bit higher and I think every woman can choose what suits her best! As long, as it is well attached!

I thought it was a shame that ElevEase can’t be regulated and once you attach it, it stays in the same position (unless you want to fix it over and over again?). However, I guess this is where ElevEase beats the competition of other foot rests which use suction but fail to attach for long and can slip off anytime, which makes them useless and in my opinion not safe.

After fixing it in the corner, pressing for 3 minutes, the next step was to leave it for 24h. I didn’t use the foot rest for the next 2 days, but after an overnight stay in dry environment it was exposed to water and heat. This is where I didn't fully followed the instructions (leave in a dry environment for 24h) and I was prepared that it will be my fault if it falls. Still, it looked more than well attached and there wasn’t any sign of possible fall.

I have been using ElevEase for a week now and I couldn’t be more pleased  The foot step solved another problem for me, now I finally have a convenient place to store my razors. No more unsuccessful attempts for sticking them onto the bathroom walls, no more slipping off, no more annoyance.

No matter if you have a shower or a bathtub, I would order ElevEase and use it at least as a bathroom accessory and to store my razors. But trust me, I am sure once you have it installed in your bathroom, there is no way not to find it useful! Even just for the eye pleasing design J It comes in white and chrome on a very decent price including the shipping! What do you think ladies, do you want one?

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*I have been sent the product from ElevEase free of charge, for the purposes of this review, however this review expresses my very own opinion and experience, after testing the product.


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