Sunday, 15 June 2014

A short summary of an eventful week and a Sunday's Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

It has been a while, actually it seems like it has been ages, since the last post, but it has been such an eventful week during which we crossed some BIG ticks from the "have to experience list"! 

For the past few days we ventured on our first holiday, had our first flight, ate our first apple puree and met Alex with my parents for the first time! I have been waiting for this moment for so long, that it still feels a little surreal. Still, we are here, I am typing on my tablet, experiencing the summer heat typical for this time of the year here and waiting for Alex to wake up so we can go to the park. The same park me and my brother grew up in and the one I have imagined so many times taking Alex for a stroll. 

I couldn't come around writing for our experience until now, but I know how fast these moments go and I want to memorize and record as much as I can. Even though, I find it quite hard to concentrate, sit and write, understandable considering all of the emotions and excitement, I will use these spare minutes to summarize our first week abroad and go through what we have been up to.

Flying with a baby

Our first very exciting part of the journey was the flight. It was an early one, but with an early bird like Alex we weren't really worried we might oversleep and miss it. We were nice and fresh waiting to check in and drop the luggage, which amazingly went very smoothly and without stress. I was very worried about the puschair, but in the end everything arrived in good condition. On the plane, Alex announced his arrival with loud 5 minutes cry but decided to spent most of the journey asleep. Phew! We had some snacks, short naps and until we notice it was time to leave the plane and...

Meeting Alex with my family  

The most emotional and exciting part of all, of course was meeting Alex and Sam with my parents and my brother in person for the first time. After the first minutes of warm welcoming and smiles, hugs (and some tears), we were soon like we haven't ever separated and I was once more on the road in my hometown, passing the streets of what it seemed like another lifetime. This time it wasn't just me coming back home, but also my new family. I couldn't wait to show them everything!

The Diary of Weaning (Part 2)

We already started trying with solids (if you want to catch up ----> The Diary of Weaning Part 1), and our first baby food was baby rice, but Alex wasn`t really impressed with it, so we decided to add some taste and try a fruit puree and magic! We now have a baby, who is enjoying his first food. Although, this doesn't mean it's less messy, at least it's enjoyable!

New Food 

We had success with our weaning, but our milk has been an issue these days. The plan was to prepare ourselves and buy our formula milk from the airport before boarding. BUT we were disappointed with the lack of formula and lack of time to search. With a screen flashing "LAST CALL" and a very busy airport, we really couldn't get to go around the shops, like we planned, so we had to buy from here. The brands were unfamiliar, but the real issue was that the instructions for preparing were different... Well, I can't say I wasn't worried: Should we follow the guidelines we have followed for the last 5 months, or should we follow the instructions on the box?  Eventually we found our way and good that we have a baby who loves his milk, so he didn't really mind the change. Still, I will tell you more in another post.

Tooth on the way     

Alex has been teething on and off for a month now, but we finally started feeling the sharp tooth coming through! It is very possible it will appear while we are here, so we are very much loooking forward to this important event! 

And while we are out and about all the time, getting used to the new climate and experiencing new things, it's good to have a break and refresh yourself with a cold drink. We have a suggestion for a healthy, easy and delicious Homemade Lemonade to quench the thirst in the sunny and hot days. Let me tell you the quick and simple recipe!  

Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

TIP: Before you start it's good to know few hints such as: let the lemons to sit out at a room temperature and also roll the lemons in between your hands or on the counter, before you start sqeezing them. This way the lemons are easier to work with and also this way you will get more juice from them. 

1.  Sqeeze 3 lemons with hand-press juicer 

2. Depending on the amount of juice you get, add the same amount of sugar. Mix and stir well.

3.  Add 5 parts of water to 1 part of lemon juice.

Serve with a slice of lemon and ice.

Many thanks to my lovely brother Michael for sharing this recipe with us! Looking forward for more!


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