Sunday, 29 June 2014

2 Weeks

Undoubtedly, the good times pass so fast and I am once more typing from the keyboard of my laptop and reminiscing about the heartwarming moments I just recently spent with my family. I am already used to coming and going, but even after 4 years of separation and reuniting with my other half of loved ones, it still feels like the first time. The first time I went away in search of my happiness. And 4 years later I found it, in the smile of my little boy, who just met his mum's family for the first time. 

These 2 weeks were about catching up with loved ones, visiting old and new places, recreating memories and making new ones, and most importantly, this holiday was about introducing my new family to my home. The time wasn't enough to do everything I wanted to and show the numerous special and beautiful places of my home, but it was enough to remind me once more how important family is and to feel their amazing love and support. 

I can't believe how much Alex has grown for such a short time and how many new things he has started doing. Looking at the pictures fills me with joy and I am already looking forward to our next trip. But not to jump ahead, as I always love to do, better go through some of the special moments from this trip. 

We now officially have two bottom front teeth. It was a long 3 month process, which led us to finally see the cute little pearly whites. Red cheeks, lots of drooling and grumpiness was what we went through, and what is  probably going to be on and off for a long time, until all of the teeth emerge.. but this smile is even more charming now. So, come on teeth, we are waiting for you! 

Weaning is getting better with every day, and we even tried our first savoury meal-potatoes and parsnip! Well, I won't forget the first time when Alex tasted it and his so unimpressed face! My first thoughts were that after tasting the sweet fruit purees, getting him to eat vegetables will be really difficult. Luckily, the next day he was more than happy to eat his potatoe and parsnip, and he devoured every bite! Once he gets his high chair we are going to let him eat on his own and try some finger foods. Looking forward to getting messy! 

Happily, the new climate didn't bother Alex too much, on the opposite, I would say he enjoyed the sun and heat very much. My country usually has hot summers, long cold winters and very distinct seasons, but this year we got exceptionally wet June. Despite the fact, the weather was still hotter than in the UK and shorts and flip-flops mode was on.  

I adore the nature and the greenery in Bulgaria and I felt complete walking in the park among the big old trees. As I shared with you in my previous post (A short summary of an eventful week), I have a favourite park, the same one me and my brother used to go every day when we were children, and one of my dreams was to take Alex there. The fountain, the ice-cream, the cafes and bouncy castles, the noisy crowd on a Sunday, everything was there, it looked and felt the same.

I was enjoying the familiar surroundings but it was all new for Sam and Alex. They did amazing, even though Alex had to try "new food" and get used to slightly different routine (2 hours time zone difference). But what made a big impression on me was the chat I had with my GP, who I know since childhood, and during which she briefly told me about the recommendations they give to mums... All different from what I have been getting used to for the past 5 months. I will write all about the difference in baby guides in different countries very soon Keep updated!  

Having my mum near me was amazing. Apart from the stress we cause each other on a daily basis (that's how we roll xa xa :), it was good to finally have her help and support. She was very excited to see Alex and literally wanted to spend every minute with him, which gave me and Sam some free time (exactly what I was hoping for). Being able to go out in the evenings and have some time just to sit and relax on our own was something I longed for and something we both enjoyed. (I even think I can get used to it!!) 

I can't describe how emotional I felt when I saw my brother. He wasn't anymore the cute little boy I would hug and tease. He was so much taller, with a whole new different expression and voice. Going through teenagerhood I expected our relationship to be different. It was amazing to find that we still can have a laugh and talk like we used to. Even though he is growing and changing on the outside, it was good to see he is still the same caring, funny and responsible person on the inside. 

Just thinking how he once used to be the baby who I was rocking to sleep and the toddler I was supposed to entertain, while all I wanted was to hang out with friends!! Well, I think my brother might return the favour now by being a good uncle :) But he already is, the best one. I can't thank him enough for how amazing he has been in his new role as an uncle, so caring and much involved. Thank you Mike!

This trip helped me to recharge the batteries and inspired me for posts to come. They say home is where our story begins. I will always cherish the place where my story has started, and I can't wait to make it bigger part of Alex and Sam's life as well. Until then, the story continues...  


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