Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review: Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

It was a random stroll in Toys "R" Us when I saw Tommee Tippee Prep Machine for the first time and no, I wasn’t impressed, I was shocked! First, because it looked more like a coffee machine, rather than a baby accessory, and second, because it seemed somehow too much! A machine preparing milk, yes, that’s right, a very own with a big button which you press and then wait for the milk to be prepared.

I was very skeptical back at the time. After weeks of real struggle with breastfeeding, trying everything available in the shops from nipple shields to creams, bags and breast pumps to ease my pain and make the breastfeeding possible, I felt like I failed enough not being able to do it “all natural” … And seeing this machine was just the top.  

However, I was really interested in the whole idea and it wasn’t long before I researched online and started reading reviews. Everyone who hasn’t tried the machine yet, was saying it’s an expensive kettle. Everyone who has tried it, was saying it’s amazing and it’s one of the best purchases they have made. Where was the truth? 

I had to share with other mums about my unusual discovery, and during the next “Baby Essentials” I asked few of them if they have heard anything? They weren’t and they were as surprised as me, until… the following week one of them told me she bought it and she couldn’t be happier!

My opinion started slowly changing, especially when Alex started waking up more often during night time, crying louder and louder with every other day. Maybe something that will shorten the time for the kettle to boil and the milk to cool wasn’t actually such a bad idea.

We contemplated for a long time whether we should join the club and move “into the new century” ordering Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, but after another stresful night, we decided it’s worth giving a go!

After reading many reviews and hearing from mums how great the product is, I was convinced it will benefit us and it will be worth the money. After ordering it, I just couldn’t wait for it to arrive! 

The rest… all of the parents who already have this machine know the rest, but if you are still considering the idea... Well, it comes in a big carton box… With easy to follow instructions (which was much appreciated). You need to run a cleaning cycle before using it, which lasts no more than 15 minutes and then it’s ready to go! 

It’s a really simple machine, the lights should notify you for everything you need to do to maintain it, from topping up with water to cleaning it inside out.

Another great feature is that the machine is compatible with every size bottles.

1. You will need your bottles sterilized and ready to use.

2. Choose the amount of milk.

3. Press the big button - it will let out a shot of hot water 

4. Add formula and return the bottle, press the button again and wait for the rest of the water to run. The green button will notify it's ready.

The milk is ready! Immediately no more waiting for the water to boil, or the milk to cool down. Less stress for you and the baby!

A few weeks later it feels like the prep machine has always been part of our daily routine. The milk is always the right temperature and there is no extra waiting time. I still have the feeling that we are doing something wrong, though (we are using a machine to prepare a formula!), but even our dad who was more skeptical, loves it! And so do all of the other people who have tried it! Have you?


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