Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Personalised presents?

Valentine’s is long gone, but I really enjoyed coming up with an idea for a present this year. It’s sentimental and is something that can be gifted any time of the year, but Valentine’s was the occasion I felt inspired to make it. 

It wasn’t long before I had an idea of what I want to get. My partner is interested in photography and he just recently got 2 retro cameras, so I thought a photo album will be ideal add to his hobby. I found an album online and it was just a matter of time to arrive.

However, as it happens often with online shopping, the album didn’t look exactly as I thought it would, but it was too late to exchange or return it. Instead, I thought of a way to make it more personal and appealing. I decided to write  messages on the pages of the album. In our case, the messages was our story of how we met, starting with “Once upon a time”.  There was a piece of paper with a memory written on every page and a wish that these papers will soon turn into photo memories.

The present was finished with a card and a present box. I spent long time looking for the right card, but I don’t regret it because I found the cutest cards I have seen before. They were hand made and I loved how much care and thought was put into their creation, from the original front to the very nice paper of the envelope. The card came with a pretty sticker to “seal” the envelope and a very nice message:

With this my present was ready and I couldn’t wait to give it. I couldn’t be happier of his reaction, he loved it! I am just waiting for the pictures to start filling the pages.

I love personalised presents, I am happy I found a way to make the photo album more special. I will be even happier if this idea has inspired you for a future present for a loved one! Fan of adding your own touch? What was the last gift you gave someone?


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