Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nice maternity wear, but where?

I already shared with you about my love for the Post-maternity Style, but before the "after pregnancy" shopping therapy, there was a time I had to go out and find my first maternity clothes. 

Typically, before I started looking for maternity clothes I continued to like clothes from the normal women’s range. But I soon realized that I was wearing them only one or two times before they would feel tight and uncomfortable. The worst was that I was looking fat, rather than pregnant. (Do you remember the time when your bump was still not fully shaped baby bump, and it looked more like a wobbling jelly?)   

Some women start "growing" early in their pregnancy, others don't need bigger size clothes until their third trimester. No matter which type you are, after the 5-6th month, going for pregnancy clothes becomes inevitable.

It doesn't matter skinny or curvy, I doubt there is a woman who hasn't realised how amazingly comfortable maternity clothes are. There is just one tiny, little problem: Where to find them?

I didn’t have any idea where to find them and I had to do a real investigation on where the maternity ranges are. Of course, baby shops like Mamas & Papas and Mothercare were first on the list, as most popular. But what about the rest of the high street shops?

I have noticed long before that H&M is maternity “friendly“, as their pregnancy clothes are visible and well promoted, but I didn’t realize Next was offering any, until I asked and found them… hidden in a far corner. It appeared that most of the brands are doing maternity clothes, but they don’t offer them in every store and unfortunately, they don’t make much effort to promote them. Unless, you go and shop online, the chance of finding a good variety in store is not big.

However, even though that the market for maternity clothes is somehow limited, my search led me to find few quality pieces, which look great, don’t cost much and the best part is that fit well during and after pregnancy! I will call them my maternity essentials. 

Nursing topslook great with jeans and leggings, fit great, no matter how big is your bump and is an item for every breastfeeding mum.

A nice dress - wearing a dress is one of the prettiest ways to show a growing bump. Feminine, beautiful and elegant, it compliments the beautiful pregnancy curves.

Something with stripes – I wore my first stripes ever while pregnant and loved it! The stripes are very popular in the maternity range, because they compliment the body, they are timeless and look great!

Leggings – the best and most essential buy, I have become a real fan of leggings since. So comfortable and easy to wear with everything. 

(Absolute winner for quality!)

A cute shirt - there is nothing more mumsy than a cute check shirt or a shirt in pastel color.

Something Denim - An absolute classic - whether it's a shirt, jumpsuit or jeans.

Something funny

A good Bra - Finding a good bra has been the most difficult part, not because there aren't good bras, but because it's very hard to find the right size. So finding your right measurements before and after will make life easier. Recommended by mums are Bravissimo and Bravado Designs.

Treat yourslef
And saving the best for last - I would like to finish with a very special finding, a designer maternity wear from Isabella Oliver. I didn’t have a particular occasion to treat myself, but the brand won me over with the classic and feminine designs, elegant and beautiful dresses. I consider these lovely pieces as a great option for ladies looking for a special occasion wear. Best known for the classic "wrap" design.

Overall, Mamas & Papas is on top of my chart for a favourite maternity brand. Design,  price and quality wise they have been immaculate. Another great thing is that they have sales on maternity clothes all year long!

New Look is so far, the most affordable brand, that offers a really huge variety of maternity clothes (online).

H & M lacks the variety, but is one of the few high-street shops to promote and offer maternity clothes in every store. 

So Mums, did you enjoy shopping for maternity clothes? Do you have a favourite item?  Don’t hesitate to share!


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