Friday, 23 May 2014

Don’t let baby blues ruin precious moments

One of our very irresistible charms as women is undoubtedly our crazy hormones. Yes, we all know how we can be all over the place – up, down, in between or sometimes we just can’t find a place! And it becomes even more fun when you become pregnant and then when you give birth. It is a whole new challenge for you and everyone around you getting to see how far you can actually go, changing your moods all the time.

Baby blues are the emotional unbalance we experience during the first weeks/months of motherhood, and even though they are considered normal and not long lasting, it doesn’t mean that they can’t affect us and our loved ones. The first weeks of caring for a newborn are so overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much support around you, that tears, feelings of sadness, helplessness and doubts like: ”Am I going to make it?” and “Am I going to be a good mum” or “Am I doing it right”, are very natural. 

I have always been a bit too emotional and I am not sure if I got more during the pregnancy or I just kept being my normal crazy self. But I think I started expressing my feelings more. Before I would often keep them to myself, but with the months getting closer to the due date, I would have huge outbursts and then hopefully everything will pass after an hour or two, or maybe a day…The storms were coming and going and they reached their peak in the weeks after the birth when I was completely exhausted by an operation, very painful breastfeeding and moving to live in a new place. 

It wasn’t great, but with persistence, and let’s all admit, not having any other choice, than going through it all, things slowly got better. Yet, I still have those days, when I feel a bit low, tired and scared. Days, when I don’t really want to go out. But, the days when Alex used to lay quietly in his bouncy chair are long gone and now if we spend a day without going out, he makes sure to show me how unhappy he is. He is seeking constant entertainment and the only time he is really “chilled”, is when we are out and about, and to be more accurate, when I am pushing the pushchair, because the moment I dare to stop even for a second, a gurgling sounds start coming from the inside. 

Yes, it’s not me who is making the decisions anymore, it’s the little bundle (I love this word so much!) calling the shots, or with other words-his needs come first!

It was another morning when Alex made sure everyone are awake at 6 am; I was feeling tired and not looking forward to the day. But we didn’t have an excuse not to go out, the sun was shining, the birds singing, and I was already feeling the heat on my skin. It was still 10, but he was already kicking impatiently, requiring some actions. Right, I don’t want to see a grumpy baby and I don’t want my mood low. So I quickly put on some clothes, took some blankets, toys and strolled out to the park. It wasn’t long before both of us were smiling and enjoying the sunshine

Walking, lying on the grass, enjoying the air, sky, sun… I couldn’t believe I was feeling down earlier, now everything was so much better. We had a great time and at the end of the day, even our dad noticed the positive mood I was in and how relaxed Alex was! 

Being able to enjoy quality time with him, made me realize that I am experiencing one of the most amazing times of my life and I should make the most of it, because it won't last long.  It’s a shame that very often we get distracted by other things which prevent us from seeing and living the beautiful and precious moments in the present.

Caring for a baby is tiring, we don’t remember when was the last time we had a whole night's sleep and we don’t know when the next time is going to be, next month, a year or 2? Sometimes, it can feel a little boring, because what babies really do? Sleep, eat, wee, repeat? And washing bottles and changing nappies is not the most interesting routine. And the thing is you can’t hit a pause button. Not anymore, but leaving this aside, no one can give you back the first months of your little one’s life and all of the time you’ve had to bond and enjoy each other. Let's enjoy it, till it lasts!

What was the last fun thing you did with your little ones? Share pictures!


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