Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Name Game

Names that give you a leg in life, patriotic names, burdensome names, famous gangster names, saintly names, creepy… the list goes on and on and on… I was holding our 40,001 best baby names book but the search for the perfect name wasn’t proving any success.

I couldn’t help but feel the pressure when it came to naming our baby. There are many things you can or can’t give to your child, but there is this one thing you should “gift” him as soon as he is born. The weeks were passing, but the name was still a big question mark… 

Dear ladies, is there a chance you have already come up with names for your future children? Actually did you know their names, since you were in primary school? The cute little girl and boy you have always imagined will join your life.  But what actually happened when you had to name them for real?

Well, I am sure I had thought of children names before, but I didn’t remember them well, and the ones I remembered, weren’t really that appealing anymore. Of course relatives, friends, strangers started giving us ideas but it wasn’t really helping. Did the name you created years ago still appealed to you and your partner? Did family, friends, and colleagues start messing around giving their ideas and opinions? (Annoying? Grrr)

Our first baby class started with introducing ourselves and our babies and how we came up with their names. I couldn’t wait to hear how other parents had chosen a name. There was the baby inspired by a celebrity, there was the one inspired by a book; there were the unusual name and the old traditional one. When our turn came to say the story behind our boy’s name, I just said that it appeared in my head one day. I don’t know how weird this explanation sounds, but this is how it really happened, a month before he was born. 

Since the 20th week scan, when the first thing we saw on the screen was the “proof” for him being a boy, we started thinking of a name, but nothing was really making sense. We had our book with tens of thousand options, I loved to play some online name generators, but nothing sounded good enough, nothing sounded like “this is the one”.    

We agreed we don’t want to name our boy after anyone, that we wanted him to have a “new” name, which neither of our families has stumbled on recently. I was feeling that this is one of the very important decisions we need to make so we give the best start for him. The time was passing, but the name was not appearing. People were telling me it will come at the right moment, but I was stressing more and more that he will be left without a name!

I was hearing that when you look at the baby the name will just come, but all sounded too unrealistic, until… The name Alexander started appearing in my head, once, twice, and again and again. I wasn’t very enthusiastic at first, but the more I was repeating it to myself, the more it was growing like an option. Sam quickly got used to the name and started liking it, especially the short form. And we knew it; we knew that we finally found the right one. I was so happy!

I have been hearing stories, that the name just comes to you and it all comes very naturally, especially when you look at the baby, but I couldn’t believe before I actually went through it! I am so happy that this is how we choose it, because it feels so special and almost magical!

I would love to hear more stories, because every name is unique and has its story behind. I hope the name we gave to our boy brings him happiness and fulfillment, because it has been given to him with much, much love!  

P.S.  In case you wander what names are among the creepy names - Brick, Butcher, Delete, Elmo, Modred, Zero, Crispy, Hortense, Scylla… or among the names for famous gangsters – Angelo ‘Docile Don’ Bruno, Dominick ‘Little Dom’ Curra, Frank ‘Frankie Fap’ Fappiano…

For the rest and meanings for many, many, many names from around the world: 40,001 Best Baby Names  


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