Friday, 11 April 2014

Post-maternity style

I have always had a love for fashion and I haven’t been afraid to experiment with different styles during the years. However, the biggest experiment started when I had to transform my style into maternity one. Once a fan of high heels and feminine clothes, now I had to change my wardrobe, adding comfortable shoes and loose fabrics.

To be exact I started abandoning high heels long before my pregnancy. When I came to study and live in the UK my style started changing with a fast pace. The bad weather and the lack of a car meant 2 things - more layers of clothes and flat shoes. But the last phase of changes came a few months ago when I was to become a mum.

My pregnancy didn’t show till late, so I was lucky to fit into all of my clothes, until the 6th month when my body started changing more significantly. I was very excited to do my first maternity shopping and it was then when I fully understood what it means to feel 100 percent comfortable in what you wear. But adapting to body needs doesn’t mean leaving style behind, because I found amazing maternity clothes which are chic and look great on you before and after giving birth! Win!

However, I couldn’t wait to go back to some of my old clothes like jeans and tops. Sadly, even 3 months after the birth none of the old clothes feel like before. No matter if I can fit into them or not, they just don’t express me anymore. The way we dress is one of the best ways to express ourselves and as such I have always been very dependent on my mood.

As much as I am missing my old jeans I started developing love for my new wardrobe. It takes time to get used to the idea that your body has irrevocably transformed, but post-maternity style is not about loosing weight, it’s about expressing your new self. Adapting to your body and your baby’s needs, you need to feel easy and comfortable out and about but why not still look and feel stylish? 

I would like to share with you my favorite additions to my post-maternity wardrobe. 

IZABEL London is one of my new favourite brands.I love their patterns and the way they compliment the body. The clothes look very comfortable, but also stylish!

                 New Look                                   IZABEL London                                New Look

I absolutely love the dresses with collars! My favourite is the classic option in black and white, but there are various color options in white, yellow, royal blue..., and the favourite tartan!

Seeing this dress on celebrity mums like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Lily Allen makes it even more desirable addition to the wardrobe!

And to finish the black and white theme, I suggest this nice and casual dotty dress, which can be worn on different ocasions.

 As an alternative the look will be finished with denim jacket and white hi-tops. Nice outfit for a day out

    New Look


How has your style changed mums? I can't wait to hear!


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