Tuesday, 15 April 2014

For a good night's sleep

One thing I didn’t think at all during the pregnancy was how I am going to learn to live without proper sleep. For someone who used to fall asleep as soon as she touches the pillow and sleep unmoved till the morning, waking up on demand multiple times a night was a real shock. But as nature knows its way, the troubles with sleep started long before the baby’s appearance. With the growing baby, and growing pains all over the body, waking up during the night became a ritual.

I guess this was a preparation for what was coming next - a multiple wake up calls any time of the night. But as every baby is different, so their needs are. Some babies sleep through the night from early weeks; other babies don’t miss their dose of milk. While Alex used to sleep longer during his first weeks, now 3 months old, he could wake up, up to 4 times a night! This period should pass, but while waiting for it, there are few things I discovered that can ease the exhaustion or simply make the night go easier.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – When I discovered this product, I was absolutely amazed. I felt a mix of emotions, questioning if the industry has gone too far, or this was going to be a machine that will make many lives easier! I still haven’t tried it personally, but I have read many reviews and recently mentioned about it to few mums from the baby group. The following week one of them has already bought one! And she says it’s a real saver at night when her little one cries her lungs out.     

Lavender Spray – This should be quite a magical spray in order to send uneasy baby straight to sleep, but imagine feeding him at 3 am in the morning, half awake, half asleep in a quiet semi-dark room… Yes, not the best of times. A lavender spray such as  Mum and Me Sleep Mist will lighten the night and hopefully the nice, relaxing smell will eventually send both of you to sleep. I don’t know how effective is on us, but the smell is always giving me good sensation!

Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector – We couldn’t wait to get Alex his first night toy, thinking Chicco can’t go wrong we chose their night projector. However, I wasn’t very excited at first, because it turned out that the projector switches automatically itself after only 10 minutes. Anyway, the nice sounds and lighting compensates for it and now we are all happy with it. 

Night Nanny – If I was amazed by Tommee Tippee machine, reading about the new trend - night nannies absolutely left me speechless. Apparently, if parents struggle from the sleep deprivation or have problems organizing a sleep routine for their baby, or simply want to catch up on sleep, night nanny can take care of the baby during the night, usually from 9 pm till 7 am.

If you want to learn more on the topic, here is a good read: Information about hiring a night nanny.

Fennel Tea – If nothing from the listed things work or you don’t have them handy at the moment, I suggest a good recipe for a cleansing tea, currently my favorite one. It fights toxins, soothes a sore throat and relaxes mind and body. To make this tea is very easy, you will just need to get some Fennel Tea, chop some ginger, add a slice of lemon and add honey for sweetness. 

Next time when your baby wakes you up every hour during the night, don’t forget that these exhausting times won’t last forever!

If you have any secrets for surviving the night, please share with the rest of us!


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