Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Our first baby class!

The time is passing so fast, we just started enjoying the baby sessions we were attending every Thursday and sadly they came to an end. But I would like to tell you how much we loved the 5 weeks during which they lasted.

I am very thankful to our health visitor, for encouraging us to book our first baby session – “Baby essentials”. I was surprised when she suggested us to do it, because our Alex was just 2 weeks old, but it turned out that there are various courses and the baby can attend not long after he was born. Great I thought! I couldn't wait to meet other mums and see other babies- are they bigger or smaller, do they have more hair or less… J  

Luckily there was a course starting in a few weeks time, so I was looking very much forward to it. Sometimes there is quite long waiting time for these sessions, but it wasn't that long until we found ourselves in the sweet and very cozy baby room, in anticipation to meet the rest of the group.

We soon realized Alex is the only baby boy surrounded by cute little girls - the youngest 6 weeks and the oldest 6 months. It was nice to see pretty dresses, pink clothes and ribbons, but while I was admiring the little princesses… Alex decided to spend the time sleeping. Opening his eyes just at the end! And it was pretty much the same every week, proving the theory for the lazy boys once more. I couldn't wait to show his cute bunny face: D (I know…) but I was left with more time to listen and take notes.

For the 5 sessions we had, we learned about baby health related issues, the importance of early play and development, baby massage and home safety. I found all of them very informative and entertaining, especially the play and development and the massage.
I love and also fear the fact what a huge role the first year of baby life plays for his future development.

We know the phrase that the first 7 years are the most important and pretty much form the character of our child, but the first year makes a huge difference. Probably many people has the state mind that a baby won’t remember anything from his first years and playing with them is not necessary, but apparently we teach our child one of the most important lessons in life – how to be emotionally intelligent during his first 12 months, how to recognize different feelings and not struggle in social interactions later on in life. Yes, babies can pick up on violence, scream and shouts from TV and if we don’t interact with them, they can become more prone to social isolation in their adulthood. 

It’s quite normal to struggle playing with our baby in the very beginning and I felt very weird talking, making funny faces and singing to him, especially when there were other people around. But now everything came in place and I feel good, being “silly”. I call him all kind of funny names, make up songs, dance around and act crazy, but in the end I am rewarded with the cutest bunny smile and it's all worthy!! :D

I very much recommend every mum to attend at least one baby course and make the most of her baby time. Perfect place for meeting other mums, learning new things and forgetting for the world outside and all of the things to do for few hours. Let’s just relax and gift our babies with our undivided attention!


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