Sunday, 23 March 2014

I can’t get enough of… my baby’s smell!

There isn't a day I skip praising how amazingly nice my baby smells. And I am sure I am not the only one suffering from this “addiction”.  I have heard in movies when mothers say that their baby’s head smells of love or unicorns, hearts, stars, unicorn teardrops, all at once, but I thought it is more like cute mother adoration, rather than a real sensation. Until, I had my baby in my arms and took a breath of his fresh skin. The smell was and is still dazzling, and isn't disappearing.

I thought that when we bath him and start using some baby products like shampoo and oil, their scent will take over. But it occurred there isn't anything stronger than the baby perfume.  Even at this moment, when I am writing, I am having him in my arms, my nose breathing in his head. And there is nothing sweeter and more relaxing…

But I couldn't believe this is just mother’s love (or pure craziness), there should have been something more, and it really turned out that I am not crazy and there is a scientific explanation, which really amazed me. I noticed that it was just me repeating how nice the baby smells, but my partner was saying he couldn't sense anything. He thought it’s just him not having a good sense of smell, but researching and reading more on the subject I found that nature and hormones play a very important role between mother and baby and their bonding.

Scientists explain that the scent triggers pleasure centers in woman’s brain, the same ones that are activated when hunger or drug cravings are satisfied. I am not surprised now why for more than two months I have been walking around, holding my baby not being able to stop “drinking” his smell. And I am also in awe of the nature and how it never misses to take care of everything, especially when it comes to take care for such a fragile human being.

I have always felt very motherly oriented and dreamed of the moment I will have my own child, but when it was about to become reality I actually started dreading the moment thinking how am I going to deal with baby cry and constant needs. Did I really have the patience required to handle this huge responsibility.

But once I started taking care for him, all of my doubts vanished. His cry not for a moment makes me feel nervous or stressed; on the contrary, when I am around him I can’t feel more relaxed and at ease, full of love and tenderness. 

So mums, let’s make the most of our baby time and enjoy the natural stress relief until it lasts. I am not sure if it’s going to work when they become toddlers, but until then… I can’t get enough of my baby smell. 


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