Monday, 17 March 2014

Dear diary, here is my first post

On Tuesday my baby will be 10 weeks old, it will be 10 weeks since I became a mother, and a whole new chapter in my life has started. Actually this whole transition started more than 9 months ago when I realized I am pregnant and the news turned my world completely upside down. Since then me and my partner have gone down a long path together that has led us to the moment we were holding our baby for the first time, with tears in our eyes, feeling like never before. With all the overwhelming love and joy, also came the realization that we will never be the same again, we won’t be two anymore, but three, and that not us but the little creature in our arms will come first, whatever we do. 

No matter how many books we read, how many programs we watched or with how many people we spoke, nothing really prepared us for what it will be like when our baby was born. This is one of the reasons for starting this blog. I would like to share with you, my experience as a first time mum. And after I saw the difference between reading how to change a nappy or bath your baby, and experience it first hand, I realize that the best teacher is without question yourself and your instincts. But it’s a lonely journey if you don’t have another mum to share with, because yes, it’s great to see that you are not the only one going through sleepless nights and baby issues from all sorts. 

Since I didn't have my mother close and none of my friends have children yet, books were my main source of information and preparation for the big event. But sometimes it was hard to keep my mind focused on all of the information that all of the different books were providing. I just wished for a short and straight answer to my questions ideally from someone who is going through the same as me. If I have the opportunity to meet and speak with another mum, I will make the most of our conversation and genuinely enjoy it, because sharing a real life experience is really precious to me. That’s why I decided to share mine with you, all the mums and dads out there, going through the same unique experience called parenting.

Two months later our days are not less challenging, but the initial physical and mental stress is easing and we are slowly building a routine. So I am inviting you to share our stories of being mothers for the first time. I am still in the very beginning of my journey, but I will be delighted to share every step so maybe we can grow together. Because the time is passing so fast, it feels like yesterday my little baby boy cried for the first time, and the day before the pregnancy test was showing positive, and today he is smiling at me with big and curious eyes.

Happy 10 weeks!


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